Medikly is a modular and cloud-based solution that helps marketers to understand, attract and engage physicians. This platform collects physician data and creates multi-dimensional view of target audience. MediklyOS allows to personalize pharmaceutical sellings. The platform includes key digital marketing tools and technologies: real-time actionable insights, multi-channel execution, dynamic content and marketing data management, segmentation (to organize physicians into like-minded prescribers segments).

What was done

  • Initial business requirements analysis etc.
  • Created module for OroCRM for complex data presentation to different customer groups.
  • Integrated third party systems that enriched our customer data (user adds email account and we get his twitter, facebook, phone, photo, etc.) Integrated and
  • Integrated Amazon S3 as intermediate storage for raw datasets (~1Gb of CSV data per file) and implemented multi-part data transfer on top of Amazon AWS SDK.
  • Modified custom theme for OroCRM
  • Created background scheduler/importer subsystem that does the following:
    • gets the file from customer and stores in in S3 bucket,
    • gets the file from S3 in chunks and import into Raw Data Storage (PostgreSQL),
    • shows mapping interface for Raw data and import it from Raw Data Storage into final data storage (PostgreSQL) for further processing.
Duration (hours) Number of people CMS