Unsatisfied customers annual cost just in US is $537 Billion. Unhappy clients 3 times likely to tell their friends about a negative experience, they make it public through numerous social accounts as a result bad reputation and negative reviews cause that 80% of people that may be your customers won’t buy.
There are a lot of helpdesk alternatives, that solve most of standard issues. But our experience shows that there are a lot of companies that have special needs and they cannot be satisfied by standard tools. They need customer support solutions. That's why we created DiamanteDesk - open source customer support software that meets unique customers needs and follow their business logic. Help desk management solutions will help you to keep your money, make your customers happy providing the best support service.

  • Features

    • Organizing all incoming customer requests from all sources in a single place.
    • DiamanteDesk acts as tickets storage.
    • Automatic assigning support tickets to responsible department.
    • Automatization of internal support processes.
  • Key Benefits

    • Open-Source that allows full control over the system and its code base, easy customizations, extra development and integrations as well as building strong community around the product.
    • Modern and the most Prospective Technologies used: PHP 5, Symfony2, Oro Platform, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3.
    • Price Tag lower in comparison to main competitors.
    • Modern front-end UI with responsive design.
    • Full control of the system over API (Application Programming Interface).
    • Multi-channel support (embedded forms, e-mails, in the future releases also phone calls/call-center, social networks and live chat support).
    • Extended and flexible permission system.
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