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When we say we will “Rock your eCommerce” we don’t take it lightly. Our experience includes many leading Magento Enterprise customers and countless community organizations in the Magento World.

Process Transparency

Our clients and partners are the people we trust and want to see their trust in us. We are open as much as possible and all of our customers or partners can participate in any stage, development or testing of the project. We are using best practices among different methodologies like Agile, Lean and Waterfall.

Care and Support

Fundamental to our relation with customers and partners is an unrelenting passion to help them succeed in their matters, and to evolve together.

Right Tools

Except great desire and capabilities at the heart of every successful project, there are tools and technologies on which it was built. Our team uses the best from different worlds and not limits themselves silly prejudices (Zend Framework, Symfony, Spring, jQuery, Node.js, etc)

eCommerce Solutions Development is our passion and what we do the best. Our team consists of some of the first employees of Magento/Varien who took part in development of the platform and were providing professional service as part of Magento ECG team. This gives us more than 5 years experience in building different eCommerce solutions, and integrations with different ERP/CRM/PIM systems.

CRM Solutions gained their popularity in last few years for middle and small-sized companies. With appearing of new powerful platforms like OroCRM time and cost was required to implement CRM in existing business processes decrease dramatically. We are very excited about power hidden inside Oro Platform and OroCRM.

Web Applications Development gives us opportunity to discover something new and it does not matter what, technology, tool or approach. We'll be happy to help you convert your crazy ideas into reality.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance is what makes successful project not to lose any of its achievements. Knowledge and big experience of our team could help you with already launched or near launch projects.

Consulting, what sense of knowledge and experience if its not used or shared. We know how to use it and willing to share it with others.

Web-design as an essential part of web-development is like an exquisite suit gives the first impression and forms an attitude. And in its perfect form it remains unnoticed, leaving behind only a pleasant overall effect.


Our team consists of all “A” players with deep expertise in numerous technologies, tools and approaches. Among us you will find experienced elders and young inquiring minds. Backend and frontend developers are knowledgeable in Zend Framework, Symfony, Node.js, SASS/LESS, etc. QA engineers are knowledgeable in modern approaches, automation tools (Selenium, Sahi, Behat, etc) and we are confident in what we deliver to client.

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