is one of the most successful online headshops today with a thriving counterculture community forum of more than half a million members!

In the early begging, it was a small website that sold smoking accessories and provided Amsterdam tourism information. With the multi-store architecture and multi-currency capabilities of Magento, Grasscity found it easy to sell online and expand their business. And now it’s an international company that ships worldwide.

Our cooperation with Grasscity has got started in 2016 from developing Responsive Web Design (RWD) Theme for Magento Enterprise ver. based on provided by Grasscity wireframes and PSD files with design elements of the store. Then were:

  • Shipping design and functionality
  • Shipment methods customization
  • Cart design and functionality
  • Checkout design and functionality
  • Store Switcher
  • Multistore Products Management
  • Tax Rules and Classes Management
  • Different Prices for different Stores
  • Managing Customers and Orders from a different store
  • Managing Static Content
  • ERP Integration
  • In 2018 High Tide Inc. acquires Grasscity. At that moment Grasscity was planning migration to Magento 2 and they needed to make it as soon as possible. We couldn’t meet required terms, so they hired other companies for that task.

    That migration was really harmful for the Grasscity:

  • 30% drop in sales due to poor website performance
  • Organic traffic drop
  • UI/UX doesn't meet customer expectation
  • And in 2019 we start our cooperation again.

    Multi Warehouse functionality

    Integration with eCommerce marketing platform Klavio

    Integration with Nosto

    Enabling BitPay the Crypto Currency payment method

    Magento Patches installation on a regular base

    Store security monitoring (WatchDogs)

    Integration with Payment Processing

    Custom reports for Gift Certificates statistics

    Integration with Yotpo (review functionality)

    Search functionality Celebros

    Implementing SEO improvements

    Bug fixing and minor changes

    Duration (Hours)


    Number of people



    Magento 2 (Commerce)

    Used technologies

    • PHP
    • Magento
    • MySQL
    • JavaScript
    • Varnish
    ECO Eltrno Eco