“Do you know what I love most about our company? It is that every single one of us comes to work every day to do something he/she loves. We get inspired by people to do things that inspire them in return. It’s the most wonderful thing in the world. In fact, the fun part is to try to figure out all the different ways we can do exactly that. It is really amazing. The good news is, it’s also good for business. We do really well. We work with some of the largest companies and the best geeks ever. We have amazing offices, you should visit us one day.”

Sergey Lysak

Co-Founder and CEO at Eltrino

About Us

We are Eltrino - full service eCommerce solutions provider. eCommerce Solutions development is our passion and what we do the best.

Eltrino team consists of all “A” players with deep expertise in numerous technologies, tools, and approaches. Among us, you will find experienced elders and young inquiring minds. Backend and frontend developers are knowledgeable in Magento, PHP, Zend Framework, Symfony, Node.js, SASS/LESS, etc. QA engineers are knowledgeable in modern approaches, automation tools (Selenium, Sahi, Behat, etc) and we are confident in what we deliver to the client.

It's not just a way to make money and end up a money making machine, but it's rather our way to find like-minded people

It's not a business like in rate race, it's rather our way to build a friendship network.

It's not about writing a code it's about accepting challenges and finding solutions. We defy ourselves to conquer new summits.

It’s about crafting the optimal environment for team collaboration performing at its absolute best.

We serve B2B & B2C stores on Magento and Shopify, integrate OroCRM, develop useful extensions for Magento, Shopify and OroCRM.

We have 9 years of successful experience in development, a wide range of up and running eCommerce projects for Fortune 500 clients from the US and other clients in Germany, Netherlands, Italy & France.

Our team consists of some of the first employees of Magento/Varien who took part in the development of the platform since the very beginning.

Most of our people are Magento Certified Developers, Magento Certified Developer Plus, Magento Certificated Frontend Developers, even one Zend Certified Engineer.

Discovering new solutions is our key talent. You know, it's hard to resist the temptation to create a startup when all the required skilled people are just next to you in the same office space. Once, for one of our clients, we had to add a single column to tickets grid in his help-desk. It took so much time and effort so we ended up creating Eltrino’s in-house help desk solution, namely, DiamanteDesk (Open Source, help-desk solution without technical limitations). Also, we’re working on own Magento security solution - WatchDogs. Both are available for free, so don’t hesitate to try;)

Preferring straightforward collaborations with clients. Our relationships with clients are long term and usually convert from a strictly professional collaboration to a friendship.

Let's rock eCommerce together!

Our story

From day one, friendship has been our bedrock, secret weapon and vital option for success. Eltrino’s CEO and CTO are ex-core Magento developers. Together they studied at school and university, worked at Magento. After 4 years they left Magento and in 2011 established Eltrino LLC.

From the very beginning, it was family type company, where good relationships between members has the main sense. This friendship spirit is reflected to Eltrino’s relationships with its clients.

As a rule, when the project is live customers continue to cooperate with Eltrino team through support and maintenance services.

These collaborations with clients are long term and usually convert from a strictly professional communication to a partnership.

Our grateful clients generously share their feedback about our services with their partners and this is Eltrino secret recipe to gain more and more customers.

Due to Eltrino in-house dedicated team and focused eCommerce mission, team of 34 Consultants Eltrino has unprecedented flexibility and mobility that are usually a challenge for big corporations who are stretched between variety of solutions and overloaded teams. All processes are open, clear, fast and transparent. It doesn’t matter which day of the week duty calls, if our client requires our support Eltrino deliver.


We are convinced in effectiveness of the “learning by doing” concept. So we are open for rising talents who are struggling to become Magento Frontend or Backend experts. Our aim is to grow up gurus from bright young minds. If you’re already a Magento expert and want to join Eltrino team you’re more than welcome to do so, don’t hesitate to say hello! Our doors are always open for creative and innovative minds. Join Eltrino great and professional team!

  • Andrii Vergeles (Vixit)Guess who ?

    Andrii Vergeles (Vixit)

    Quality Assurance Engineer

    Alpinist, photographer, vlogger and great QA. "Mountains weed out boring people"

  • Anton Khliapov

    Senior Software Engineer

    He is always in search of new ideas for startups. One day he'll change the world with the best one.

  • Dmytro Vasylenko

    Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

    ex-Core Magento developer. 12 years of experience with Magento

  • Yuliia Tkachenko

    Yuliia Tkachenko

    Senior Software Engineer

    Yuliia writes neat & elegant code

  • Igor Krasilich

    Senior Software Architect

    PHP solutions, third-party integrations, big data processing, Magento customizations

  • Ilona Psheslavska

    Ilona Psheslavska

    Chief Operating Officer

    Juggling operations, budget allocation and staffing responsibilities like a pro. Where did I learn to fit it all in 24 hours? I am a mother of two.

  • Yura Zabolotny

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Roman Stepanov

    Senior Software Engineer

    ex-Core Magento developer. More than 12 years in web developments haven't screwed up his sense of humor

  • Sergey Lysak

    Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

    ex-Core Magento developer. He handles 1000 tasks a day and always finds time for corporate chat ;)

  • Tanya Sorokina

    Tanya Sorokina

    Financial Manager

    Tanya has 20+ years successful experience in accounting. The world of numbers is her area of creativity

  • Elena KulbichGuess who ?

    Elena Kulbich

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must. Just never give up!

  • Dmitriy Zhabrovets

    Dmitriy Zhabrovets

    Software Engineer

    Developer with a passion for football. He never misses a detail

  • Vladimir Polischuk

    Senior Software Engineer

    Vova knows how to implement everything and can extremely effective teach that to others. He coaches at Eltrino academy.

  • Nikita Mintus

    Software Engineer

    Nikita has a high level of professional knowledge of his job and an open-minded attitude in exploring new technologies.

  • Vlad Babenko

    Software Engineer

    He has passed Magento 2 Certified Front End Developer exame with 81% of correct answers. And you?

  • Arthur Vasylchyk

    Software Engineer

    Arthur collects certifications;) Currently, he has Magento 2 Certified Professional Front End Developer and Shopify theme development certificate

  • Anna HirenkoGuess who ?

    Anna Hirenko

    Software Engineer

    6 years experience with JavaScript,jQuery, Ajax, JSON and CSS animation

  • Lena Ruzhitskaya

    Lena Ruzhitskaya

    Project Manager

    Lena knows how to organize and coordinate complicated projects. And she surfs like a pro

  • Nataliia Kovleva

    Nataliia Kovleva

    Quality Assurance Engineer

    Nataliia is very responsible and demanding of herself.

  • Mychailo Shostak

    Mychailo Shostak

    Junior Software Engineer

  • Konstantin Zhidkovskiy

    Konstantin Zhidkovskiy

    Software Engineer

    Never miss an opportunity to learn another skill

  • Anna Kononenko

    Anna Kononenko

    Head of Sales

    Anna knows how to find an approach to everyone and close any deal successfully.

  • Oleksandr TsapokGuess who ?

    Oleksandr Tsapok

    Project Manager

    He definitely knows how to lead a group of creative people to success, even if it's pragmatic web developers

  • Oleksandr Kolesnik

    Software Engineer

    Talk less, do more, code better!

  • Vlada Makarets

    Vlada Makarets

    Office Manager

    A creative person, with excellent time management skills.

  • Bohdan BakalovGuess who ?

    Bohdan Bakalov

    Software Engineer

    B - expert. Bohdan, Bakalov, Backend, Beer, Bless, Boarder, Best, Brave

  • Taras Shabatyn

    Software Engineer

  • Ernst Hoestra

    Ernst Hoestra


  • Roman Kolomiiets

    Roman Kolomiiets

    Software Engineer

    5 years experience with PHP, 30+ eСommerce projects

  • Viktoriya GudymGuess who ?

    Viktoriya Gudym

    Project Manager

    Nothing is impossible, if you it do with all your heart and an open mind, common sense and for the future

  • Evgeniy Dubskiy

    Software Engineer

    Superior understanding of Magento Architecture

  • Max Serebrennikov

    Max Serebrennikov

    Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Vladyslav Chychuzhko

    Software Engineer

    Сuriosity and perfectionism always lead to the most interesting discoveries and solutions. In both life and code.

  • ?

    Maybe you ?

    What do you want to do ?

    Let's try!

  • ?

    Maybe you ?

    What do you want to do ?

    Let's try!

  • ?

    Maybe you ?

    What do you want to do ?

    Let's try!

We're hiring

We are convinced in effectiveness of the learning by doing concept. So we are open for rising talents who are struggling to become Magento Frontend or Backend experts. Our aim is to grow up gurus from bright young minds. If you’re already Magento expert and want to join our team you’re more than welcome too, so don’t hesitate to say hello! Our doors are always open for creative and innovative minds. Join our great and professional team!

Benefits @ Eltrino
  • Freedom

    Eltrino developers are free of soul-deadening routine of bureaucratic work. If you think that is something can be done better or more efficiently?

    We’ll be happy to hear form you. We’re hiring people to push our business forward, not to stay at borders.

  • Flexible work schedule

    You can choose when to work and when to take a rest. No more strict 9 to 5 schedule. Only one rule: finish your tasks on time.

  • Competitive salary, which depends on your experience, skills and knowledge

    Let’s be honest, money rule the world. Developers are not the most altruistic people on the Earth, especially what’s related to the job, especially experts. We’re hiring high skilled developers and pay them worthy wages.

  • Paid vacation

    All employees get paid vacation and sick leave days after the 2-3 months of probation period

  • Attending IT events

  • English classes (partial coverage)

  • Free tasty and healthy lunches and unlimited juice, coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks during the day and beer in the evening. (Vegetarian and vegan friendly

  • Equipped recreation area terraces with charming landscape views, own small gym area, table tennis and kicker (table soccer/football), slackline, cozy couches, hammock.

  • Comfortable Herman Miller Aeron chairs that provide anthropometrically correct body position during the work.

    It’s Tesla in the chairs world. Sometimes it seems they are artificially intelligent and feel when you have to work and when you need a rest.

  • Mac or PC platform (MacBook Pro with 27″ Thunderbolt Display or high-performance HP ProBook/EliteBook series with docking station and two 23-24″ IPS monitors, etc)

  • Transparency: all processes in Eltrino are absolutely transparent, there are no secrets in our team, except for birthday gifts.

    If you need to know something feel free to ask.

Jobs @ Eltrino
  • PHP/Magento Backend Developer
    PHP/Magento Backend Developer
    show more
    You love to code and play nice with other people. Your code is clean and works flawlessly. “If a problem has no solution it almost needs more time and custom approach. No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking” this is your life credo. Your skills matches most of requirements from the following list.
    • experience in Magento development more then 2 years
    • solid knowledge of PHP
    • understanding of OOP principles and use
    • Zend Framework
    • solid knowledge of MySQL
    • understanding and use of coding standards and best practices in Magento development
    • apc, memcached
    • experience with various version control like git, svn, etc
    • spoken and written English
    • high communication skills
    Additional which will be a plus
    • Magento Developer (Plus) Certificate
    • written or spoken German, Dutch, French
    • experience with Magento Enterprise Edition
    • experience with numerous PHP frameworks
    • experience with other RDBMS (PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc.)
    • experience with Solr
    • No-SQL DB and "key-value" storage systems (MongoDB, Redis, etc.)
    • HTML, JS, XML, Prototype, jQuery, AJAX, etc.
    • done integrations with payment methods (PayPal, Authorize.Net, etc) and shipping carriers (UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx, etc)
    Apply for PHP/Magento Backend Developer
  • Frontend Developer
    Frontend Developer
    show more
    Are you a frontend artist? A free creative soul that strive to perfect web world. Make it happen! We grant you full freedom for a price of resolved tasks in time. Do you always dream to make something you love? We’re waiting for your CV :)
    • experience in Magento / Shopify development
    • expert knowledge of HTML/CSS
    • basic knowledge of JavaScript (jQuery/ Vue.js)
    • basic knowledge of PHP
    • experience with various version control like git, svn, etc
    • Photoshop
    • spoken and written English
    Additional which will be a plus
    • experience with UNIX based systems
    • experience with Magento
    • LESS, SASS, etc
    • understanding of the High load
    • SEO
    Apply for Frontend Developer
  • Project Manager
    Project Manager
    show more
    • 2+ years experience in PM
    • tech background must have
    • fluent in written and spoken English
    • Time Management guru
    • high communication skills
    Additional which will be a plus
    • experience as a team facilitator
    • experience with working in cross-functional teams
    • good analytical skills
    Apply for Project Manager
  • Enterprise Sales Manager  (IT services)
    Enterprise Sales Manager (IT services)
    show more
    • 3+ years in IT services (sales experience with Fortune 1000 companies), B2B experience preferred.
    • tech background, or even tech-savvy (backend, frontend, UI/UX, BA, Open Source, Magento are common for you )
    • experience executing a consultative sales strategy while presenting technology-oriented solutions
    • fluent in written and spoken English
    • high communication skills
    • knowledge of/experience with structured sales methodologies
    • our clients are in the US and Europe, so you should be available for the calls/chats during their business hours
    Additional which will be a plus
    • experience with Magento in maintaining and tracking all sales opportunities
    • written or spoken German, Dutch, French
    Apply for Enterprise Sales Manager (IT services)
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