If you don’t have online store it’s time to create it, if you already have the one we’ll make it gorgeous. Magento eCommerce development is our passion and what we do the best. We develop successful B2B & B2C solutions on Magento, provide reliable support for running systems. We consult our clients in business and technical areas to find optimal profitable solution for their companies. Our mission is to Rock your eCommerce!

  • Magento Frontend and Backend Development

    Magento Frontend and Backend Development

    In eCommerce a powerful backend part is essential to success. And it’s not only about rich functionality and high performance of B2B or B2C website. Poor web store security can damage company reputation or even crush down a business. Not to mention external scam attacks it can be internal danger hiding in poor code that can down a site. That’s why quality Magento Backend development is vital for any eCommerce project.

    From another side a digital storefront has a significant impact on customer’s behavior. It’s like store interior in offline mode retail. It has to present goods, to emphasize advantages that will receive customer with a purchase. Visitors have to find all necessary for them information easily and without roaming. As offline as online store navigation have to be absolutely intuitive clear for folks. With one difference, eCommerce store structure and navigation should be obvious not only for people but for also for search engines.

    Great storefront concept should be developed in compliance with

    • UI design principles
    • SEO standards
    • Performance guidelines

    But to make any great concept to life Front-End Development skills are required otherwise it will be an almost useless concept.

    And great front-end developer has to consider all these factors in customizing Magento theme, creating custom Magento theme or even implementing a design-related system configuration via Admin Panel.

  • Magento Upgrades and Customizations

    Magento Upgrades and Customizations

    Thoughts of bright Magento developer’s minds day by day work on platform improvement, to make it more powerful, to increase its performance, to empower it with new useful features, to create new security patches that will protect stores from wreckers. Magento upgrades are vital especially in case of security. It's not a very big deal to install security updates but if you don’t have time for this we can take care about your store and customer’s safety. Monitoring of security updates is required process.

    Magento patches also have squash bugs upgrades so its installation can solve some store issues, improve site speed and performance, provide better user experience for customers.

    Magento version upgrade (especially in case updates Magento 1.x to Magento 1.y or Magento 2.x to Magento 2.y) is quite simple procedure. But it depends on implemented customizations and installed extensions. All upgrade difficulties concerned with pure customizations, missteps with Magento themes and out-dated extensions.

    We have extensive Magento upgraded experience as we work with this platform since Magento 1.0.

    Difference between Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x is so big that this process calls migration. How we can help you to migrate store on Magento 2 please find here

    Magento is one of the greatest eCommerce tools available now. But to maximize all it’s advantages it needs customizations. We will customize Magento to your needs, make it the perfect fitting for your business.

  • Magento Integrations and Functional Improvements

    Magento Integrations and Functional Improvements

    Out of the box Magento APIs currently supports Accounting, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Product Information Management (PIM), and marketing automation. To enable Magento integration with a simple third-party service you need to have basic knowledge of PHP or Magento internal processes.

    But in cases when you need to integrate systems with huge database and complex functionality we will come to help you. Eltrino team implemented integrations with third-party services for Eastwood, Lightning Labels

  • Migrations from other platforms to Magento

    Migrations from other platforms to Magento

    If you decided to move your store from any other platform to Magento we’ll say that you’ve done a good choice. Migration between platforms isn’t flawless but if you hire Magento professionals it will save your from strass.

    Any crossplatform migration case is a unique, so developers and Magento architect advisor need to see code, before make any assumptions about its duration. And in some cases it’s better to rebuild a store from scratch on Magento than to migrate.

  • Magento Quality Assurance

    Magento Quality Assurance

    Magento QA includes different test types:

    • Functional - tests on user side, from customer perspective
    • Web API Functional - tests from the client application point of view (can be used with either REST or SOAP)
    • Integration test - it runs Magento PHP code in varying degrees of isolation
    • JavaScript test - ensure that Magento store frontend part work in a proper way
    • Static code analysis - checks PHP code was developed according to the Magento coding standards and best practices.
    • Unit test - runs to review a single unit of PHP code in isolation

    As some of the Eltrino team members took part in Magento core development from the beginning, our expertise in Magento's pitfalls and bottlenecks counts years and kilometers of Magento code.

    Your web store will be tested by Andrey Vergeles AKA Vixit who challenges himself conquering Eight-thousanders like Manaslu (8156 m) and several other. At Eltrino he challenges your stores so you can be sure in the result. Such people don't skip weaknesses;)

  • Magento Server Configuration

    Magento Server Configuration

    Magento setup and configure server is a piece of cake! Any fails on this stage will become real problems in the future as server configuration determines web store performance and site speed in general. Load time has significant impact on user experience, customers expect for fast and smoothly running online stores, 51% of U.S. online shoppers abandon a purchase because of slow site loading. Properly set up web store can boost conversion rates up to 74% (increasing site speed from 8 to 2 seconds).

    Results of Magento performance tests impress but it works only if you've configured server part properly.

  • Magento Support & Maintenance

    Magento Support & Maintenance

    When eCommerce store development is completed, you can have a sigh of relief and pay all your attention and focus on your business processes. If you have internal Magento developers team you may forget about all these technical and programming terms and enjoy your store as all technical issues will be handled by your IT team. But if your web shop was created with the help of outsource web development company you need to have someone who will help you with bug fixing, implementing of new features platform updates and patches installation. Not all eCommerce companies are in need of internal IT department, commonly it’s better to outsource support services. Even big enterprises opt for external IT services as it allow to involve highly specialized expert when it’s necessary, thus support and maintenance work often requires special skills and lots of time.

    Ongoing Support and Maintenance is what makes successful store not to lose any of its achievements. Knowledge and big experience of Eltrino team could help you with already launched stores or ones on pre-launch phase.

    We will help you with:

    • Bug fixing and small enhancements. If something crushed on your webstore, doesn’t work any function all you need to do - send request for us. And we will resolve the problem.
    • Site data backup
    • To be sure that your online store will never shut down Web store security protection. It's better to prevent than to cure, especially when it concerns your store and customers' financial safety. We monitor all Magento security updates, install them on our clients stores and fix vulnerabilities. We've developed WatchDogs to empower merchants with handle security monitoring tool. Magento has launched own powerful security scan tool! But it has one gap, at this moment unlike Watchdogs monitoring system it can’t effectively detect potentially vulnerable injected javascript code or malware. So to gain the highest level of store security you need to use both scanners. Magento security scan is available in your Magento Account. WatchDogs monitoring subscription is available under the link.
  • Magento Extension Development

    Magento Extension Development

    At any stage of your Magento project, you may want to empower your store with new functionality. It’s easy to implement with ready-to-use modules from Magento Marketplace but what if there isn’t the one that meets your requirements? In such case, we develop custom Magento extension for clients business needs. After custom extension launch we’re monitoring plugin work for some time (depends on agreement terms and conditions) to ensure that all possible issues were predicted and fixed. We can prolongate custom extension support under support agreement.

    With more than 6 years of Magento Extensions Development for our clients and Eltrino exclusive extension store we gained a plenty of experience on how to create flexible, highly compatible and good working modules.

    For all our customers we provide extension support for 90 days for FREE and paid packages for 180 and 360 days. During the support period Eltrino team take care about purchased extension.

    All Eltrino extensions (Magento Modules, OroCRM Bundles and Shopify Apps) have well documented technical and user guides that help to install and setup Magento modules.

    Magento extension installation option is available.

  • Business & Technical Consulting

    Business & Technical Consulting

    Knowledge and experience are obsolete if they are not implemented or shared. We know how to implement it and willing to share it with others. We offer an on-site and a remote business & technical consulting about Magento platform and eCommerce in general.

    It’s a complex approach for eCommerce consulting. In these process, we involve developer, an architect or system administrator as technical experts. And business developer or PM as a business specialist. Only in such collaboration, you can get an optimal solution.

    You may involve your internal technical team, business development or marketing team and together we’ll find the shortest way for the success of your company.

    How it works and why does it matter?

    Eltrino has huge experience in eCommerce architecture, web development, software, and hardware part, so we know how to implement any business ideas in the best way. Members from your side know your business logic, all internal processes, and its’ specifications, so their ideas are always in the first place. And it happens that merchant requirements need too many costs and forces for implementation. But we can gain the aim in another more effective way, so we give you to choose alternative variants.

    Technical consulting is very similar to Magento Architectural Advisory but in technical consulting is more narrow. You may ask advice just how to configure any technical process or how to fix any backend issue without. Technical consulting is alike recommendation how to lay floor tiles while Architecture advisory is building master plan of your entire house.

  • Performance Review & Code Audit

    Performance Review & Code Audit

    Poor web store performance - very bad news. A slow website can cost you thousands of visitors, potential customers, existent clients loyalty and lost revenue. User expectations increase, customers want more. Folks now are sure they should have what they want the second they request it. So any awaiting irritates and make them leave your store without purchase and let them never come back again. Performance review should be made on a regular base to monitor all bottlenecks that can slow down your eCommerce system. It can be a part of Magento Support Service. Our Magento experts will check your production environment and give recommendations how to optimize your system.

    When Performance review is required

    • Server Configuration Review

      When a user clicks on your site, it sends a request to your engine to start up. So how long this user has to wait for the response depends on server’s performance. If it is poor, it will take longer to react. And it doesn’t matter how quick is your site, the slow server gives a slow start. So if your site is slow it’s very likely that the reason is incorrect server configuration.

    • Database Configuration Review

      Incorrectly structured data also can slow down your web store. When you ping the server it starts searching for required information but in a messy database, it wastes too much time for crawling when the correctly configured database will show the shortest way for required information.

    • Magento Configuration Review

      Another common issue that impairs eCommerce store performance - incorrect Magento configuration. It seems that it’s so easy to setup Magento store. And at first, you will not notice any issues but over time configuration mistakes can significantly slow down your web store.

    • Yahoo! YSlow and Google Page Speed Ranks Analysis

      Also we run several Speed Page tests to detect performance bottlenecks.

    • Bottlenecks Profiling

      We’ll review your store and find all bottlenecks on Magento load time. Even if it was heavily customized after code reviewing it will be clear what areas have to be fixed for fast and flawless e-shop work.

    • Load Testing

      Stress or load testing in Magento can be implemented with numerous tools to identify the maximum operating store’s capacity, all bottlenecks that might interfere high store performance.

    Results of Performance Review

    • Maximizing hardware utilization
    • Database optimization
    • Optimal Magento store configuration
    • Page Speed Ranks increase
    • Scalable Magento system
    • You’ll know what to fix if in the future store performance will fail
  • Code Audit

    Magento Code Review

    We review core Magento code, conformance to Magento coding standards and business logic.

    Make upgradeability assessment.

    3rd Party Extensions and Custom Modules Code Review

    We review custom modules, business logic of customizations, assess third party extensions and their influence on Magento functionality. Give upgrade recommendations.

  • MMagento Architectural Advisory Magento Architectural Advisory

    Magento architectural advisory is one of the most strategically valuable stage in any project. It’s a common fallacy that Magento store development is fourth, time and cost intensive. It happens in cases when Magento advisory was neglected and client or agency give tasks directly to a development team, without results of architecture analysis.

    Magento is flexible and this quality creates multiple decision points with each decision possibly impacting multiple modules or functionality and performance. Developers breakdown any project into task aspects where Magento architect see it as a complex and knows how to optimize store architecture and development workflow. We know that you can find your own way, but you can waste a lot of time, so sometimes it’s better to ask advisor what road to choose at the beginning of your project.

    Just make sure that decisions your team has made for development will get you to the right end result and follows the best Magento practices. If you don’t know what's the best way to solve your issues we’ll consult your team and help you to save a plenty of time, money and nerves in the long run.

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