Shopify is easy to launch and customize themes. Web stores on Shopify have high performance. Shopify handles hosting, marketing, payments, secure checkout and shipping. It’s a perfect choice for small and medium businesses with standard requirements. 4M+ Shopify web stores in 175 countries around the world have made over $200 billion USD in sales using Shopify. But Shopify has a lot of restrictions, for instance, on Checkout customization. So if you need a more flexible solution, you’d better pay attention to Shopify Enterprise version - Shopify Plus or Open Source platforms (Magento or Shopware).

  • Shopify Stores Development

    We develop web stores on Magento for 11 years, and we always recommended it as the best option to our clients. But a few years ago, we started working on Shopify projects, and for these years, the platform changed dramatically. A solution for small businesses has grown to be a worthy alternative for medium or even large enterprises.

    Our Shopify Certified Developers brought successful web stores to market quickly, allowing merchants to run highly performed Shopify web stores that drive businesses, easily providing an adorable digital experience to your customers.

    We can help you to:

    • Set up a new Shopify web store
    • Create a custom Shopify theme based on your designs
    • Empower web store with custom functionality
    • Integrate Shopify web store with payment, shipping, or any other system

  • Shopify Apps Development

    As Shopify Partner, we develop useful Shopify Apps allowing merchants to empower their web stores with new features just in a few minutes.

    Shopify Apps can connect your web store with 3rd party systems like ERP, CRM, PIM, NPS, shipping or other systems./p>

    We have experience in building Shopify Apps for shipping (Nova Poshta Service), delivery (Delivery Quota), NPS ( Automated NPS) systems. Automated NPS Automated NPS

    Collect customer feedback and insights automatically.

    NPS is a great way to understand your customers. Everyone has a story, and the vast majority of stories go untold. NPS surfaces feedback from people who you might not have otherwise heard from.

    • Survey users for FREE
    • Install in a matter of seconds and start getting critical feedback from your customers
    • Automated NPS surveys
    • Customizable questions
    • Customizable filters and reports

    Segment your customers with customizable filtered attributes to break down your customer feedback and understand what makes a happy customer for your business.

    Learn more about Automated NPS

    Nova Poshta Service

    Nova Poshta Service

    Nova Poshta Service app simplifies integration with Shopify stores and makes a flawless shipping process for a step closer for eCommerce businesses.

    • No code required. Install the app, copy Nova Poshta API key, paste, and save
    • Select language (Ukrainian, English, Russian), setup sender address (store address or department number of Nova Poshta Warehouse), choose carrier methods (Doors-Doors, Doors-Warehouse)
    • Manage deliveries via the Nova Poshta Business account

  • Migrations from other platforms to Shopify

    We can help you with Replatforming your eCommerce store to Shopify.

    Migrating to another platform, as a rule, is complicated with dozens of issues, lost data, and it also is time and cost consuming. But our experienced team knows how to migrate your current store data accurately, safely, and in a short period without extensive efforts.

  • UI / UX Audit

    We provide UI / UX Audit services for Shopify web stores.

    Audit Focus:

    • Homepage and Category Navigation
    • Search Experience (on-site search)
    • Product Lists and Filtering
    • Product Details Pages
    • Cart
    • Checkout Process
    • Customer Account
    • Mobile Specific

    As a result of UI / UX Audit, you'll get ready to use report, an actionable guide with recommendations on improving your online store's customer digital experience. We take into account all Shopify restrictions, so for instance, we won't recommend you to upgrade the checkout page in the way that Shopify won't allow you to do.

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