Unsatisfied customers annual loss just in US is around $537 Billion. Unhappy clients are 3 times likely to tell their friends about a negative experience, they make it public through numerous social accounts as a result bad reputation and negative reviews cause that 80% of people that may be your customers won’t buy.

There are a lot of helpdesk alternatives, that solve most of standard issues. But our experience shows that there are a large number of companies that have special needs and they cannot be satisfied with legacy standard tools. They need customized customer support solutions. That's why we created DiamanteDesk- open source customer support software that meets unique customers needs and follow their business logic.

  • Helpdesk software DiamanteDesk

    Helpdesk software DiamanteDesk

    Just US businesses lose $62B USD every year because of poor customer support. Besides, customer expectations are continuously increasing.

    To keep up with this businesses need to react immediately and provide highly personalized services.

    And there are a lot of help-desk solutions that can help to deal with customer support as a pro. But if your business processes differ from ordinary, you need to customize the system and with the most of available applications it will cost you a small fortune or it’s simply impossible.

    Our solution is Open Source, so it’s fully customizable and flexible. You can play with its modules like with Lego bricks and implement your own business logic.

    DiamanteDesk was launched with a desire to help people to provide customer support without limits, don't obey restrictions, play by your own rules.

  • DiamanteDesk Features

    DiamanteDesk allows clients to implement support functionality what they really need instead of get used to existing limits.

    • Organizing all incoming customer requests from all sources in a single place
    • DiamanteDesk acts as tickets storage
    • Automatic assigning support tickets to responsible department
    • Automatization of internal support processes
    • Custom Dashboards
    • Reports
    • Private Comments
    • Ability to add watchers
    • Rule Builder - automated system behaviour governed either by other events or based upon the predefined frequency
  • Key Benefits of DiamanteDesk

    With DiamanteDesk help-desk software, any support department can pay more attention to actually building relationships with customers and finding personal approach to them instead of wasting time on inefficient actions.

    • Open-Source that allows full control over the system and its code base, easy customizations, extra development and integrations as well as building strong community around the product
    • Due to modern technology stack, automated optimal architecture DiamanteDesk provides high reliability, flexibility, scalability and extensibility
    • Detailed technical documentation helps developers to maintain system flawlessly
    • Deep integrations with CRM systems (OroCRM, Salesforce, SugarCRM, etc), eCommerce solutions (Magento and Prestashop platforms, Shopify, eBay and Amazon marketplaces and stores, etc) and bug-tracking/project management tools (Jira, YouTrack, Redmine, Basecamp, etc)
    • User-friendly design simplifies communication flow support team and end users
    • Full control of the system over API (Application Programming Interface)
    • Multi-channel support (embedded forms, emails, in the future releases also phone calls/call-center, social networks and live chat support)
    • Extended and flexible permission system
    • Price Tag is lower in comparison to main competitors
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