You’ve faced issues that couldn’t be resolved by standard extensions for Magento, bundles for OroCRM or widgets for Wordpress or any other add-on applications? Or you have a great idea for a startup but it requires technical skills for launch? You need custom web development services. Eltrino team will be here to help.

We know how to build a new product from scratch as we’re creating own software solutions: DiamanteDesk (Open Source helpdesk) and WatchDogs (security monitoring tool).

So if you have an idea for start-up or anything new that you need for your existing business, but you don’t have enough programming staff in your team or your company lacks experience in the area we’ll help you to implement and launch your project. Our team can develop any system according to your business requirements.

  • Development


    PHP is organized, clean, and fluent language. It rises quickly because of its user-friendliness, efficiency, and user control. PHP is easy to read and edit. It provides better performance ratings and is widely available. Products on PHP are lightweight, have standardized architecture, compatible with other systems code, easy code modification and debugging. Our collective PHP expertise counts dozens of years as almost all our developers use PHP as native language;)

  • Web Development with Symfony 6

    Web Development with Symfony 6

    Symfony is the most robust and community driven framework in PHP world. It helps to speed up creation and maintenance of web applications. It’s fully customizable. If you need to add a new feature(s), you should develop custom bundle that can be also re-used later in other projects. Eltrino team mastered Symfony Web Development. Symfony is a leading PHP framework to create web applications and websites. The platform popularity increases day by day and can become a global phenomenon soon.

    So why do we use Symfony?

    • Symfony makes the development process easier and more streamlined
    • Symfony web development ensures correct syntax
    • The framework was designed by professionals for performance. It's completely flexible, expandable, highly productive, easy for testing and managing

    Which sites are on Symfony?

    Back-end developers implement Symfony for building high traffic projects like BlaBlaCar, NetGeo Play, Spotify, YouPorn ;)

    Eltrino Symfony development services include all versions of Symfony

    You still don't know how much will cost developing of your project? Looking for professionals for a custom eCommerce or non-eCommerce project on Symfony? Contact us and let's start discovery process.

  • Zend Framework

    Zend Framework

    Zend Framework is one of well-known and popular PHP frameworks. It is simple, straightforward, object oriented, open-source.

    Zend Framework 2 follows the SOLID object oriented design principle. It allows developers to use whichever components they want. The framework is robust, complete and stable because PHP core professionals are working on it.

    Why choose Zend Framework 2?

    • Zend is flexible and provides great scope for customisation
    • Zend developers can easily make PHP web applications with its variety of tools
    • With Zend Framework License it’s easy to protect your code
    • Zend’s MVC structural planning is perfect for Web application development

    Who uses Zend Framework?

    Amazon, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, BBC, BNP Paribas and Cisco WebEx are brilliant examples of Zend web services.

    It’s good choice for large projects, big websites or portals.

    Zend development needs less time for coding and fewer forces for maintenance. It reduces costs and improves time-to-market delivery.

    Need to hire someone really good in Zend web development?

  • Oro Platform

    Oro Platform

    The Oro Platform is an Open source Business Application Platform (BAP).

    • Combines all necessary tools for web developers
    • Built in PHP7 and the Symfony3 framework
    • Excellent for developing custom business applications
    • Flexible in architecture and development
    • Ecosystem around OroPlatform

    We’ve chosen Oro Platform for DiamanteDesk (help-desk) development just for its flexibility and customizability. Also the platform serves as a robust base for other enterprise-level applications like OroCRM (CRM system), OroCommerce (B2B eCommerc application), Akeneo (PIM tool), TimeLap (time tracking tool), Marello (ERP app for Commerce).

  • HTML5 & CSS3

    HTML5 & CSS3

    HTML5 and CSS3 provide:

    • Cleaner code (Provides excellent custom website development)
    • Better interactions (more opportunities to make websites more dynamic and enjoyable for users)
    • Mobile friendly and cross browser support (search engines like Google rank websites on HTML5 and CSS3 better)

    This prominent couple allow to come out with robust and advanced websites, apps that seamlessly run on various browsers, devices, platforms and literally stun your users.

  • Trending Frontend Frameworks

    Trending Frontend Frameworks

    There is a wealth of frontend frameworks, with different features and opportunities. All have pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, depending on the needs of a specific project. But we narrowed down to just a few that we prefer to make a deal with:


    This JavaScript library for building user interfaces has taken the cake as the most popular frontend framework in 2017. It is component-based, provides declarative views that allow debugging easier and makes the code more predictable. Developers can simply add new features in React without rewriting existing code.


    Node.JS is an open-source project introduced in 2009 by Joyent. This cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment helps in the real-time network application development.


    Another soaring framework is Vue.js. From the early beginning, it has been used by Chinese giants like as Alibaba, Xiaomi and Sina Weibo. It is appealing due to its small size (Vue.js weighs only 18kb after gzipping) and ability to develop large-scale templates. Vue.js allows creating flexible components which can be reused in other projects.


    AngularJS is a JavaScript framework by Google that was designed specifically for creating dynamic web applications. It has a modular architecture and allows extending HTML vocabulary for the application. AngularJS is fully extensible and works well with other libraries.


    Express is the heavy favorite for people who need to develop simple web services and APIs rather than web portals or high-loaded calculating backends. There are a number of features that are provided with the help of plugins.


    Bootstrap is one of the most popular HTML, CSS, JS frontend frameworks that facilitates the creation of the frontend of responsive, mobile first projects, websites and web applications. The speed of development is the main purpose. It significantly accelerates project launching as it avoids tedious development from scratch.

    If it's crucial to use any other platform for your project we are open to discussing.

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