Customer relationship management never gets easier but you can gain more profit if you choose right tools that will help your sales team to manage customers, your marketers to analyze customers behavior, determine customer tastes and needs, estimate productivity and potential leads for increasing sales.

CRM system is a smart contact list that diligently keeps contact information, details of your relationship and every interaction with customers. Like your brain it can build better scenarios based on the past experience. It affords significantly increase sales (up- or cross-sell, target marketing, etc), improve in house team's collaboration and productivity, and boost customer loyalty and retention.

  • OroCRM Integration

    OroCRM Integration

    From our point of view OroCRM is one of the most efficient systems for customer relationship management. It puts personalized customer experience in the heart of the system. Whether you’re looking for a sales CRM, a marketing CRM - OroCRM gets the best of both worlds. It has comprehensive functionality and gives you 360° view of your customer. OroCRM works the best for eCommerce as it has native integrations with several platforms, including Magento, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop. Also it supports for a multi-channel CRM across all customer interactions.

    We provide:

    • Installation
    • Server Configuration
    • Configuration of out of the box features
    • Installation and Configuration of 3rd party bundles and modules
  • OroCRM Customization

    OroCRM Customization

    OroCRM has built-in marketing and sales tools for any eCommerce business but if you met unique problems or have special requirements for CRM system it can be easily solved by customizations. OroCRM stands above other top CRM systems when it comes to flexibility.

    As OroCRM is an open source solution it allows developing any customizations to fulfill the complex business requirements.

    You can customize it completely or empower your CRM system functionality with cost-effective solutions from OroCRM Marketplace.

  • OroCRM Bundle Development

    OroCRM Bundle Development

    We developed and continuously support OroCRM Bundles to integrate the CRM system with your Amazon and eBay marketplaces. We also develop custom OroCRM Bundles to simplify expansion of its functionality.

    Oro Amazon Integration adds an Amazon channel to OroCRM to allow for the importing of orders into OroCRM from your Amazon store to provide for a deeper, 360-degree customer view.

    Oro eBay Integration adds an eBay channel in OroCRM to allow for the importing of orders into OroCRM from your eBay store

  • ERP Integration

    ERP Integration

    ERP system covers all of information management needs, it handles supply chain management details, accounting information, financial data, purchase history, billing information, shipping details.

    ERP software systems are ranging by functionality. An overwhelming number of companies use just 60% of their ERPs functions. So to make ERP integration cost-effective you need to narrow options which are required for your business and what data needs to be incorporated into the ERP.

    It's important to choose enterprise resource planning software that directly meets your eCommerce needs and it’s highly important to integrate it properly with your web platform, internal,external systems or other enterprise applications.

    The most common enterprise applications tandem is between CRM and ERP systems. Frequently these applications are deployed separately. And companies integrate them into one software when the critical link between demand (CRM) and supply (ERP) becomes obvious. As a result, a unified system allows reducing resources on managing, streamline business operations and boost productivity.

    We have experience with:

    • In-house ERP systems (Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta), ACCEO Retail-1 (Gemmar ERP), Ecometry) Integration
    • External ERP systems Integration
    • Custom ERP systems Integration
  • CRM & ERP Consulting

    CRM & ERP Consulting

    If implementing CRM or ERP system is up in the air we can aid you with business and technical consulting. Building a cost-effective system is a challenging and full of pitfalls process but CRM & ERP consulting on the early stages of drafting a strategic roadmap helps to avoid expensive mistakes and makes implementation experience much smoother.

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