After years of desperate struggle to improve Magento frontend performance, a new solution has appeared: the Hyva theme. It's a relief for merchants with Magento stores and Magento web development agencies. Lightweight, blazing fast Hyva theme improves web performance and user experience, decreases code complexity and development costs

What is Hyva?

Hyva is a brand-new frontend theme for Magento 2, that was built from scratch with two main goals:

1. Provide high web performance for Magento stores

2. Simplify development process

What is the magic?

1. Remove unnecessary. A standard Magento theme loads 200+ JS/CSS resources (1.5 megabytes), while Hyva loads just two (0.2 megabytes).

2. Reduce complexity. Hyva’s creator, Willem Wigman, replaced obsolete RequireJS and Knockout with modern Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS.

By leveraging a lighter framework and eliminating heavy and complex elements, Hyvä has achieved optimal page speed without sacrificing functionality - proving that innovative thinking and determination can overcome even intricate challenges. And 2200+ live web stores on Hyva, >50% of which pass CWV are the best evidence.

But Hyva is not just a Hyva Themes, it's also Hyva Checkout, Hyva Enterprise and Hyva UI. Furthermore, Hyva is a dynamic and engaged ecosystem, a community of 3600+ developers and 600+ agencies who contribute to making Hyva better.

  • Hyvä Themes: A transformative blazing fast out-of-box frontend solution for Magento.

  • Hyvä Checkout: An advanced checkout solution designed for Magento stores that provides a faster, more intuitive, and frictionless checkout experience. It significantly boosts the checkout process, offering a solution that is 13 times faster on mobile devices compared to the standard Magento checkout, which leads to improved conversion rates and higher sales.

  • Hyvä Enterprise: Extending the performance and flexibility of Hyvä Themes to the enterprise level, Hyvä Enterprise integrates seamlessly with Adobe Commerce's B2B features and Adobe Sensei services. The solution for enterprises that need advanced search, personalization, content staging, loyalty programs, and robust B2B capabilities.

  • Hyvä UI: A sleek, user-friendly elements that accelerate the web development process. Hyva UI Components can help reduce development time by 50-60%. You can integrate fully functional components like menus and footers in minutes. Hyva Themes include UI Components at no extra cost. Figma file is provided for designers to use as a base for new store designs. Hyva UI Components demo store

Why choose Hyva Theme?

1. Blazing Fast Web Performance: Default Magento 2 frontend is slow. Even out-of-the box Luma theme (default magento theme) is significantly slower than Hyva. We’ve conducted Luma vs Hyva Magento performance test. Hyva is 4-5 times lighter than in Luma. As a result, Hyva pages load faster, users can interact with the content earlier, which in turn leads to increasing conversion rates.

Over 50% of web stores with Hyva frontend pass Core Web Vitals. It has a positive impact on a site's SEO ranking in Google search results, increasing visibility, traffic, and providing fast web store with a competitive edge.

2. Efficient Development Due to reduced complexity and fewer dependencies than in Luma development time can be reduced up to 30%. And comparing to the development of PWA solutions the web store with Hyva frontend can be launched even up to 50% faster.

Due to the extensive UI components library, developers can effortlessly browse, copy, and paste desired elements directly into your Hyvä Theme.

Hyvä UI Preview video | Hyva UI components demo store

3. Cost-Effective Solution:

The cost of purchasing the Hyva Theme is €1,000, which is a one-time fee. All future updates are free, and there are no hidden costs.

A single Hyva Themes license is valid for one Magento 2 installation with unlimited domains and storeviews.

In addition, merchants can enjoy a reduced cost of ownership with the Hyva Theme as it requires less time for customizations and performance optimization.

All these make it a cost-effective solution, providing significant time and cost savings in development, ultimately leading to reduced project costs.

Hyva Theme in action

There are 2200+ live web stores on Hyva Hyva Showcases

We work with Hyva Theme from the early beginning. It looked very promising from the first announcement, so when the first version was launched, we decided to put it to the test immediately. It's unfair to try new technologies on clients' projects so always experiment on our own extensions web store first. Despite that is pretty small and has simple functionality it's a good playground to hone our skills.

Our store we've developed in a month (~200 h) with the development of Stripe Payment method for Hyvä React Checkout

Our first big project on Hyva was Grasscity web store, dozens of thousands of SKUs, multistore with complex functionality, a lot of personalizations, and integrations with other third-party tools.

The next great case study from our experience is Engels. Engels Group, a leader in sustainable solutions in Europe, faced challenges with their outdated web store as they expanded into the UK market. The existing site had design inconsistencies, performance issues, and lacked a cohesive design system, impacting the user experience and potential business growth. Now due to Hyva even their web store has become more environmentally friendly, as improved web performance reduces the carbon footprint.

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