Opportunities increase when you help others to win. A little win for a partner is a little win for you. Together with Netresearch we aim to provide excellent services for Magento merchants and OroCRM users, so our joint target is to Rock your eCommerce! We’re working side by side for a few years already, our relationships are constantly growing and always mutually beneficial for all parties and especially for our clients. Focusing on building the long term partnership is more profitable than focusing on making money.

About the Netresearch Excellence Group

Successful projects need a strong team, experience, exchange, professional competence and passion. For international projects there is also a demand for local know-how and global expertise. Within the Netresearch Excellence Group, we help our customers to benefit from the opportunities of internationalization.

The members of the Netresearch Excellence Group are handpicked and are all experts in their field. They have excellent qualifications, certifications and that special something. We all share the same passion for e-commerce projects and the demand for high quality.

Having previously collaborated on numerous projects, we are now taking the next step and carry out our activities under the name Netresearch Excellence Group.

The members of the Netresearch Excellence Group and more detailed information.

All eCommerce projects have in common that they sooner or later reach the limits of the domestic market and then want to continue to grow internationally. Within the Netresearch Excellence Group, we can help customers to be successful.

The Netresearch Excellence Group combines local expertise with the expertise of international cooperation. Netresearch relies exclusively on partners who they know personally, they trust and that fit their culture and their claim.

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