We’re pleased to announce that Eltrino has officially become a Hyva Silver Partner. Eltrino team has been working with the Hyvä Themes since its very first release and we are proud to be a part of this new Hyva community that is taking action and delivering results. For years, merchants and developers have complained about Magento performance, and there have been numerous attempts to find a solution. However, only Hyva has made a real difference. We fully support Hyva’s team approach to driving change and delivering tangible results.

Thank you Willem Wigman, Vinai Kopp, Sanne Bolkenstein, Willem Poortman, Thien-Lan Weber, Sean van Zuidam, John Hughes. Your efforts are truly transformative, making a profound impact on the Magento community and beyond.

Hyva does everything in a better way, even with the partnership program. As an agency, you get a Hyva Partner title because of your experience (launched projects with high-performance scores) and your contribution to the community (code and marketing contributions that help improve Hyva and drive awareness, comprehension, consideration, adoption and advocacy). Hyva Partner title is not for sale, it must be earned.

If for some reason you still don’t know why Hyva is great, here are some of our why.

A New Paradigm in Performance and Development

Hyva distinguishes itself by offering unparalleled web performance and a simplified development process. Traditional Magento themes, including the default Luma theme, are notorious for their sluggish performance, primarily due to loading an excessive number of JS/CSS resources. Hyva turns the tide by:

  • Minimizing Resource Load: Unlike standard themes that load over 200 JS/CSS resources, Hyva efficiently manages with just two, significantly reducing the page load time.
  • Modernizing the Tech Stack: By replacing outdated libraries like RequireJS and Knockout with modern alternatives such as Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS, Hyva reduces complexity and enhances performance.

These foundational improvements have catapulted over 50% of Hyva-powered web stores to pass Core Web Vitals, underscoring its effectiveness in providing a fast and engaging user experience.

Beyond Themes: A Comprehensive Solution

Hyva’s offering extends well beyond themes, encompassing Hyva Checkout, Hyva Enterprise, and Hyva UI—each designed to elevate the Magento experience:

  • Hyva Checkout offers a frictionless, faster checkout experience that significantly boosts mobile performance and conversion rates.
  • Hyva Enterprise caters to larger businesses with advanced search, personalization, and B2B capabilities, integrating seamlessly with Adobe Commerce.
  • Hyva UI simplifies web development by providing a library of user-friendly components, reducing development time and enhancing design consistency. Hyva Themes include UI Components at no extra cost. Figma file is provided for designers to use as a base for new store designs. Hyva UI Components demo store

The Hyva Advantage: Performance, Efficiency, and Cost-Effectiveness

  • Blazing Fast Web Performance: Hyva significantly outperforms the default Luma theme, offering a lighter and quicker browsing experience that directly contributes to higher conversion rates and better SEO rankings.
  • Efficient Development: The simplified tech stack and extensive UI components library enable developers to build faster and with less complexity, reducing development time by up to 50% compared to traditional Luma theme or PWA solutions.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: With a one-time fee for the Hyva Theme, free future updates, and a license covering unlimited domains and store views, Hyva represents a highly cost-effective solution. Its efficiency in development and performance optimization also leads to lower total cost of ownership.

Hyva in Action: Real-World Success Stories

Hyva’s effectiveness is best illustrated through its successful deployments. There are 2200+ live web stores on Hyva Hyva Showcases. From our own experience with store.eltrino.com to larger projects like Grasscity and Engels Group, Hyva has consistently delivered on its promise of improved performance, user experience, and development efficiency. These case studies showcase Hyva’s adaptability to various scales and complexities, demonstrating its suitability for a wide range of eCommerce needs.

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