Unleash the Power of Magento 2 Open Source 1-Click-App v1.6.4 with Hyva Theme on DigitalOcean ✨🚀

With the latest Magento 2 Open Source 1-Click-App v1.6.4 on DigitalOcean, deploying a feature-rich online store has never been easier. This release introduces an exciting addition – the ability to install the Hyva theme with just a few clicks. 🪄

The Hyva Theme Advantage

Now, besides the default Luma theme, our free 1-Click App can install the Hyva theme (sure thing with your Hyva license 😉) on the DigitalOcean droplet. Just fill your Hyva Themes token, your project name and enjoy the full benefits of the blazing fast Hyva theme. 🚀

Seamless Deployment on DigitalOcean

Forget the complexities of traditional installations. The 1-Click-App on DigitalOcean simplifies the deployment process, allowing you to set up your Magento store in just 15 minutes. This user-friendly solution caters to all levels of expertise, making it accessible even for non-tech savvy individuals. 🌐👩‍💻

To get started, head over to the DigitalOcean Marketplace and initiate the installation process. Follow the straightforward guide provided, and you’ll find yourself with a fully operational Magento store in no time. 🚀🛠️

Tailored for Small to Medium Businesses

While the DigitalOcean droplet capacity may not be suitable for running extensive and complex stores, it is the perfect fit for small to medium-sized web shops with a few hundred SKUs. Experience the power of Magento 2 Open Source without worrying about resource constraints. 📈💼

Lightning-Fast Frontend, Robust Functionality

In less than half an hour, witness the transformation of your store into a high-performing platform. The Hyva frontend ensures a blazing-fast user experience, while Magento’s robust functionality empowers you to manage your online business efficiently. ⚡🛒

Comparable to Shopify – But Better

The simplicity of deploying Magento 2 Open Source 1-Click-App v1.6.4 rivals that of creating a store on Shopify. Enjoy the freedom and customization capabilities that Magento offers, with the added advantage of the Hyva theme. Hyva theme now includes free prebuilt UI components to quickly launch your web store🤩🔄


Elevate your eCommerce game with Magento 2 Open Source 1-Click-App v1.6.4 on DigitalOcean. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a business owner with minimal technical knowledge, this release ensures a hassle-free and swift deployment process. Embrace the power of Magento with the Hyva theme, and watch your online store thrive. 🚀💻

Ready to get started? Deploy your Magento store now on DigitalOcean: Magento 2 Open Source 1-Click-App. ✨🛍️

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