It’s a Two-Way Street E-commerce consulting and Magento development agency Eltrino partners with Startupbootcamp Amsterdam for a collaboration that adds value to all.

The power of the Startupbootcamp ecosystem

About 3 months ago, Eltrino joined the Commerce 2019 Program’s portfolio of partners. Their story and connection with Startupbootcamp is actually an interesting one. One of Eltrino’s startups, DiamantDesk (an open source help-desk solution), actually took part in our Final Selection Days last year - as a startup vying to join the program. Though they didn’t make it to the Top 10, they remained in close contact with Ernst Hoestra (Managing Director of the Startupbootcamp Commerce Accelerator), and now, with his support, have re-joined the SBC ecosystem. Only this time, they’ve come on board as a program partner! Read on to find out more about their partnership and journey in Startupbootcamp!

Gaining a foothold in the Dutch Market

Eltrino aims to harness its recent collaboration with Startupbootcamp as a springboard to pave their way into the Dutch market. Operating as a full-service eCommerce solutions provider, Eltrino was founded in 2011, in Kyiv, Ukraine. Currently a team of 28 (6 of whom were involved in developing the Magento Platform before starting at Eltrino and most of the rest are officially Magento Certified engineers), they are strongly driven by their passion for creating eCommerce solutions tailored for the Magento Platform. Sergey Lysak (Co-founder and CEO of Eltrino), is currently based in the Netherlands, at the Startupbootcamp Amsterdam offices, to further drive forward Eltrino’s business in the Netherlands.

from Sergey about building the business in NL “To be close to your clients is a compelling advantage even for such remote-oriented business as web development. We were thinking about business expanding for a while and Dutch eCommerce market looks appealing for Magento focused agencies like Eltrino, due to high demand for Magento services.” - Sergey Lysak, CEO at Eltrino

Eltrino provides web development services, maintain and support B2B & B2C stores on Magento and Shopify, integrate web stores with CRM, ERP and other third-party systems, develop extensions for eCommerce platforms, do custom web development. But our main focus is on Magento Professional Services:

  • Magento development
  • Magento support & maintenance
  • Magento extension development
  • Business & technical consulting
  • Performance review & code audit
  • Magento architectural advisory

Magento expertise confirmed by Magento Certificates and the first place in Magento 2 Extension Challenge.

“The Dutch market is interesting for us as a business”

The Netherlands is the third largest market for Magento (with the US being the biggest, and UK the second largest). Now that Eltrino has entered the Dutch market, their aim is to scale the business to become one of a few leading Magento agencies in the Netherlands and at the end hit TOP10 worldwide. The shift from the US market to the Netherlands has definitely been a learning journey for the team.

“Dutch culture and mentality is relatively similar to ours. The 1-hour time difference and 3-hour plane journey to get from Kyiv Boryspil to Schiphol makes this market extremely close to us in all aspects and meanings. Ukrainians are like Dutch: hardworking, efficient, extremely detail-oriented, sarcastic and have a good sense of humour. Personally, I like what you call “the Dutch way,” Sergey says, “So I’m really thankful to Startupbootcamp, Ernst and his team for such a great opportunity and all help to run our business the Dutch way!” – he adds.

Partnership is a two-way street

Sergey (CEO, Eltrino) worked ‘in-residence’ at our Startupbootcamp Amsterdam offices during the course of the program. Over the past few months, Sergey actively shared his entrepreneurial knowledge with the Commerce 2019 Cohort. Drawing from his expertise and past experiences, Sergey has been empowering our startups with hands-on guidance on their ‘go-to-market’ strategies, integration with commerce platforms, payment gateways, talent sourcing, technology stacks and more.

“I was always a keen believer that sharing knowledge, experience and helping others will return back to the one doing it multiplied a few times. During the last years, I was giving talks at various conferences about Magento, customer service, new eCommerce trends. I always enjoyed being a speaker – this way, I can help to do eCommerce better and it was always the main mission of Eltrino to ‘rock eCommerce’! When Ernst proposed that we join the program as partners, I’ve agreed without any doubt in my mind. Because this would be another chance to support the culture of giving. I got a good chance to help startups that have questions regarding eCommerce aspects of their business or technology issues. Being part of this amazing cohort definitely helped to achieve the goal!” – Sergey says

In return, Ernst and the Startupbootcamp team have helped Sergey make relevant new connections for his business. The Eltrino team has also benefited from the various knowledge sharing sessions (Growth Hacking, Customer Development, etc) and learned more about the technicalities of the BV incorporation process (learning by doing when establishing local Eltrino BV) – something that definitely comes in handy for international companies looking to set up shop locally.

The Commerce Class of 2019’s Demo Day just concluded on May 28th! The startups gave outstanding pitches and shared key achievements that highlighted their 3-month growth journey here at Startupbootcamp. If you missed out on catching them on stage, you can watch the full (live stream) recording of Demo Day here.

Source: Eltrino partners with Startupbootcamp Amsterdam for a collaboration that adds value to all.

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