Online conferences are our new reality. This year the main Magento event in Ukraine - MageCONF was online too. Digital format keeps us safe, reduces distances among cities, counties and continents. Most of the online events are free or cost less than offline. You can attend more as you don’t need to waste time on long journeys. It’s easier to find time in the schedule. But we pay for that with the joy of real communication, the fun of afterparties and the value of informal communication. For sure MageCONF - a great source of knowledge, ideas and inspiration. But networking and meeting people are crucial as for individual attendees as for the community in general. The value of making relationships is gone online. You can chat online but it’s not so exciting and engaging as face-to-face communication. Furthermore, messengers, emails, kids, dogs, anything can easily distract you at the virtual event.

People are not very familiar with all these features that online event platforms offer to us. We all need more experience in online events to figure out how to make them more efficient from a networking perspective.

Enough complaints! It was a great event, even online. MageCONF organizers diligently select themes and speakers. And as a result, MageCONF 2020 gathered top-notch expert with hot topics.

There were 6 talks around PWA:

  • The journey into ScandiPWA - the first and most complete PWA theme for Magento (Alfreds Genkins)
  • Going Headless with PWA, GraphQL and Magento 2.4.1 (Eric Erway and Nishant Kapoor)
  • Development with Magento PWA Studio (Lars Röttig)
  • Extending & Customizing Magento PWA Studio (Roman Tsehynka)
  • Building a headless Magento frontend with Laravel (Michiel Gerritsen)
  • Vivid experience with Magento PWA Studio: how to convince business to be brought to the headless future (Serhii Deliiev)

Magento upgrade is a challenging process with numerous pitfalls. So developers are constantly looking how to make this move safe and efficient.

Eltrino team lead Volodymyr Polischuk gave a talk on Magento 2 upgrade without downtime. Volodymyr shared our team experience on how we’ve upgraded Magento 2.1.3 to 2.3.3 without any second of downtime. This set of practical recommendations will work for any Magento upgrade over v2.3.x.

Other sessions about Magento upgrade:

  • Introducing Magento Safe Upgrade Tool (Sergio Vera)
  • Efficient and safe Magento 2.x Upgrade (Igor Sydorenko)

All sessions are available on the Atwix Youtube channel. Subscribe and stay tuned :)

In a nutshell, we always happy to support the Magento community. This year Eltrino attended as a Gold Sponsor of MageCONF online. And we hope to meet all of you next year face-to-face. Virtual hug. Take care!

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