Run and work together. Just for fun ;)

We are always looking for challenges, with the intention of conquering new goals together. This running affair was one of them.

It just so happened that all Eltrino team members were physically active. Preferring different sports from mountaineering (alpinism), hiking, trekking, swimming, running, boxing and snowboarding to skiing and surfing, we all are in good shape. Staying fit gives us more energy to perform everyday tasks at work and in our private lives. Thus, when we decided to attend Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon 2018, we easily built Eltrino running teams for relay races 1×10 km + 1×11 km and 3×5 km + 1×6 km. Two of our members even decided to run the main distance: 21,0975 km and one member: a 2 km race for charity.

The health advantages of running both improve endurance and self-control. But when you are training with your colleagues, you have even more benefits. Training with colleagues is great for motivation as it gives you that extra push when you really need it, empowering you run farther and faster. Co-running makes you more confident, as if something unexpected would happen during your run, your running buddy would be able to help you out. Having this in mind, we were able to believe in ourselves and take first place in our race. This happened even though other people achieved the official ‘first place’ title. With this attitude, we in fact gained more - the incredible feeling of reliable team support.

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