No one can argue that web store performance is crucial for conversion and SEO, and hence eCommerce profitability. Low site speed has negative consequences for the business like losing sales due to high abandonment rate, unsatisfying user experience and pushing down the site in search results. Page speed has been cited as one of the main SEO ranking factors for years.

Magento works hard on improving web store performance, and there are several well-known tips and tricks on how to speed up Magento site. However, Magento efficiency highly depends on server performance. Thus memory cleaning is so crucial for productive web store operating.

When some solutions are on the surface like deleting unused extensions, some other burden may be hidden. For instance, deleted images that are unavailable from the Admin Panel but they are still cluttering memory space. When you delete product or category images, they don’t disappear in anywhere. Magento itself doesn’t delete the image associated with the deleted product from the image store, and it stays at the same place on the server. Day by day, year by year these pictures grow in number and increase used server space. These redundant images build up within the hosting account and consume resources which could be used in a better way.

This issue isn’t new, and there are several ways how to fix that promiscuous image storing and free up disk space. You can unclutter server with a script. However, if you don’t want to bother yourself with that routine, you can use an extension that will do that work instead of you.

Clean Unused Pictures extension can help to handle that mess. It allows uncluttering server space from needless images. Comparing to similar solutions, Clean Unused Pictures has one distinct advantage - it puts under control used memory due to the occupied disk space calculator.


  • This extension is searching for the unused product and category images and listing them in the form of a grid
  • Clean server space from needless images
  • Delete leftover Product images
  • Delete unused Category images
  • Admin can delete all listed unused images with a single click
  • Available option - to delete unused images in grid one by one
  • The extension has inbuilt occupied disk space calculator. It analyzes storage space, estimates how much disk space occupied by the images in total and percentage of unused images
  • It helps to optimize web store performance
  • Multi-store supported

So don’t postpone this easy tip for improving your Magento store performance, grab Clean Unused Pictures module on the Magento Marketplace or Eltrino Store.

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