“Add To Cart” button in Magento can’t be simply removed from the admin panel. The only way to disable the customer’s ability to order a product is to hide the product on the store. However, what if the product is out of stock temporarily? Hiding this page will distort the SEO ranking position of the product page which may disappoint your customer who added this item to their wish list.

How to Hide Add To Cart Button for particular product or several products on all pages in Magento 2

There are different business cases that require to disable the standard “Add To Cart” button on product page. For instance, merchant sell this particular product offline only but he wants to keep it in online catalog as well. Or there is a need of consultation before the purchase. Or it can be price for basic product configuration but the product itself should be fully customized. Anyway Magento does not allow hiding the “Add To Cart” button from the product page and you can do it programmatically or save your time and install “Hide Add To Cart Button” module.

Hide Add To Cart Button extension allows:

  • Hide/Remove the “Add To Cart” button from the product page
  • Disable product orders by removing the button
  • Apply to one or multiple products
  • Save product page from hiding
  • SEO ranking position is not distorted

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