You can’t be a great Magento developer if you don’t adore Magento itself. It requires significant efforts to learn how to handle it like a pro. Thus MageCONF as actually all Magento events assemble developers who are really passionate about their work. Such events - a great source of knowledge and inspiration.

This year Eltrino became a Platinum Sponsor of MageCONF. We are happy to support such a powerful Ukrainian Magento event. This year it took place at Mercure Congress Centre in Kyiv (Vadyma Hetmana St, 6) on 27-28 of September. 27 Magento gurus on the stages and over 700 attendees.

Our CEO, Sergey Lysak, gave a talk, “XXX Amsterdam and how I relocated to the city of freedom, love, sin, canals, and bikes.” He shared his tips on how to survive in a completely new environment happily

Probably, it was the funniest talk at MageCONF 2019. But we hope it was really useful for attendees who are going to relocate to the Netherlands. As it’s always better to know about pitfalls when you are on the land than test on your own.

There were several talks about MFTF. It’s a Magento Functional Testing Framework that was built especially for Magento and meets specific Magento requirements. It’s quite handy, but what is more important it allows us to produce a better product. MFTF helps to avoid human mistakes and test all complex flows.

Max Yekaterynenko, director of Engineering at Adobe, shared some Magento Marketplace & Community Engineering Updates.

Max Pronko, CEO at Pronko Consulting, talked about the new powerful tool in Magento Open Source - Declarative Schema.

Igor Miniailo, Lead Architect at Adobe, explained Magento Architecture updates.

Ignacio Riesco, CEO at Interactiv4, shared such useful experience on how to find, hire, and retain Magento talent.

Ben Marks inspired by his talk about Magento Future.

It was a fantastic conference. We want to say thank you, Slava Kravchuk, and all Atwix team for the perfect organization of MageCONF.

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