(Source: Marketwired) - On September 26, 2016 Magento Commerce announced its new partnership with Adobe at the Shop.org Retail’s Digital Summit. The whole world anticipates a groundbreaking innovations, since combining power of the worldwide eCommerce platform holding a leading position in cloud digital innovation with best practices of the provider of the complete set of marketing solutions will inevitably lead to delivering seamless customer experience across all of their commerce channels.

This powerful alliance is a real game changer and it provides merchants with the best set of tools to engage more customers to all of their online and offline channels by utilizing highly personalized messaging, promotions and other content in order to close sales wherever the consumer chooses to get engaged and make a purchase.

“With today’s consumers more demanding of the brands and merchants they shop, it’s imperative for merchants to not just compete, but lead, on customer experience,” said Mark Lavelle, CEO of Magento Commerce. “With this joint solution, merchants now have limitless flexibility and powerful personalization to better differentiate themselves from competitors.”

Magento and Adobe have developed a pre-built integration framework allowing Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target transmitting data to and from Magento Digital Commerce and Commerce Order Management. To make this solution the best worldwide practice, Adobe and Magento will rely on support of implementation partners.

A leading brewer Anheuser-Busch will become a pilot customer of this invincible tandem. “We are looking forward to leveraging the Adobe and Magento integration to improve our eCommerce capabilities for our Merchandise stores. This innovative approach will allow the consumer to shop within the experience and for us to see a more holistic view of the consumer journey,” stated Fued Sadala, VP, Solutions and Procurement at Anheuser-Busch. “Our partners at MRM//McCann were invaluable in our seamless transition to Magento 2.0.”

Key capabilities:

  • Consistent Shopping Experience: Permits performing transactions from any page, anytime and with integrated achievement and customer engagement to the store.
  • A new level of Personalization: It is safe to say that this fresh cooperation will result in a new era of customer experience with highly personalized environment among different channels (online web, mobile, offline retail store) within a single platform.
  • Exceptional Innovation and Business Agility: Now sales and marketing teams will gain an ability to analyze customer behaviour in real-time and create environment which is going to predict customer requests and demands.
  • Common Architecture: No need to get used to different platforms when the best of the commerce world is rolled into one.
  • Platform contextually engages shoppers and delivers the richest shopping experience across all possible touch points. In the nearest future, highly personalized shopping experience will become a common thing.

We are lucky to observe these promising changes and it feels like we now are on the threshold of commerce revolution. What’s next? We will be here to let you know that.

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