Gartner has acknowledged Magento as a leader in Digital Commerce. The goal of this Magic Quadrant report aims at “assisting application leaders who are supporting digital commerce.”

Source: Gartner (April 2017)

##WHY Magento is a leader of Digital Commerce area?##

Magento Commerce provides a comprehensive, open and flexible commerce cloud backed by a large, vibrant community of developers, technology partners, and system integrators who embrace openness and collaboration as their core ethos.

Magento is a steadily growing and flexible eCommerce platform that is used worldwide in many verticals and by companies of various sizes. Magento delivers eCommerce capabilities across multiple industries and business models. It can be scaled up to support large transaction volumes and high levels of digital commerce GMV revenue Enterprise Cloud Edition with managed hosting (single-tenant SaaS), with an embedded content delivery network (CDN) that allows clients to serve their store’s static files via Amazon Web Services.

Magento provides all upgrades and patches for the Enterprise Cloud Edition supported on the subscription basis. Magento Enterprise is typically used by organizations with digital commerce sales GMV revenue of under $100 million.

##Investing PERSPECTIVES of Magento##

Magento is a global investment firm privately held and owned by Permira. While this research was being performed, Magento received additional funding amounting to $250 from Hillhouse, a large Hong Kong-based investor.

##Magento STRENGTHS##

  • Flexibility: Open source core and REST APIs make Magento heavily customizable (e.g., via in-house development and/or by being extended via its large and mature marketplace full of ready made solutions). This ecosystem makes it fitting for a wide range of transaction types outside traditional retail or digital sales of physical products. Magento Marketplace offers extensions for numerous verticals beyond retail.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Magento flexible pricing model has custom cost solutions for each customer B2C, B2B or B2B2C site(s). Earn more - pay more.

  • Speed and architectural improvements: Magento pioneered architectural improvements, such as separating databases for customer and product data, and implemented check-out enhancemnets that enable companies to manage increasing transaction volumes.

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