Some highlights and insights from our CEO Sergey Lysak who gave a talk about Lightning Fast Development With the Power of Composer at the annual Magento Live UK 2016.

1 Magento declared about official partnership with Meet Magento Association. That should influence and change Magento Community and the way how that part of the eCosystem works for the better. When Vice President of Product Management at Magento Paul Boisvert was announcing it on the stage he asked for Keynote at Meet Magento Fiji or Bali, but Executive Director at Meet Magento Association Thomas Goletz was able to promise just Keynote at Meet Magento New Zealand for now. Anyhow we’re looking forward and waiting for all three!

2 Magento 2.1 had been announced. New Magento 2.1 features are following:

  • Improved Content Staging and Preview (EE)
  • Elasticsearch replaces Solr (EE)
  • PayPal In-context Checkout
  • Braintree Hosted Fields
  • Improved Admin UI, e.g. Quick search

3 Impressive implementation of omnichannel comprehensive experiences on Magento was done by AOE for FRAnkfurt Airport

4 Personalization is a new fad in the eCommerce World. And it really works. At the business track very interesting research was presented Personalization: Balancing Business Wants With Customer Needs An intelligent sourcing is more than just multi-node inventory. Rob Sweeney, Senior Director of Product Management at Magento Commerce told about Magento Commerce Order Management opportunities.

5 New Magento Marketplace - new rules, extreme quality focus. How to Be Successful on Marketplace presented by Adam Hundt from Magento Commerce. Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition - good solution for enterprise customers who are willing to avoid headache with hosting and platform management.

If you miss this awesome event you can find out most speaker presentations. And video recordings are coming soon as well.

And don’t forget that Magento Association members are also top notch event organizers. Thank you, and see you soon, ‪#‎mm16de‬ is just around the corner.

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