After the loud release of Magento 2 last year, the next milestone for establishing pure and fruitful e-commerce environment was to create a New Magento Marketplace. This new resource is replacing Magento Connect and is expected to become a next generation extension marketplace promising to gather high quality Magento modules in one place.

Each new extension qualifying to become a Magento 2 legitimate functionality gets through the severe “face control” (read: code control, possible duplicates and its overall usefulness for customers) by Magento team. Products ultimately chosen for Magento Marketplace should provide accurate user-experience for the merchants. This progressive store is a part of updated Magento 2 ecosystem, but it doesn’t mean that it will be available for Magento 2 extensions only, all Magento 1 extensions that meet new quality standards will be migrated from Magento Connect to Magento Marketplace.

Welcome to the Magento Marketplace from Magento on Vimeo.

Since the new extension quality program thoroughly checks functionality, performance, security and uniqueness and accepts only extremely good products, we’re proud to announce that our M1 Extension Region Manager Pro: Full management of States and Regions has made it to a New Magento Marketplace.

As a lot of companies developing Magento extensions are now going through the process of migrating to the second version, it is vital to understand how Magento Marketplace Extensions Quality program works:

At the first stage the Magento team is reviewing technical (package validation, plagiarism, coding standards and security/malware) and marketing (business value, unique functionality, marketing descriptions, guidelines, Magento brand and logo usage) aspects. Technical review verifies that submitted packages meet Composer requirements and Magento coding best practices. If the package reveals any errors during this stage, it is automatically rejected. If some warnings are detected, package authors are going to be advised to correct these issues.

The second stage involves exploring extension verification process (documentation, functional testing, coding standards, enhanced security services).

When creating a new Marketplace, the Magento team was struggling to increase buyer trust, improve quality, manage inventory, show amazing work produced by Magento ecosystem. These storage updates should help merchants to find unique high quality products and services to grow their business. The curated inventory selection makes searching process easy and intuitive. It is now going to be much simpler to find that needed extension in the complete eCommerce store.

In general, new Magento Marketplace benefits both merchants and developers. On one hand, with its improved search functionality, Magento Marketplace guarantees that product reviews are real and relevant. On the other hand, comprehensive metrics for easy-to-use dashboard help developers to evaluate sales performance of their products. Extension providers will sense secure payments, clear taxes, POS, PIM and multi-channel customer service.

With all the updates and enhancements of Magento 2 and its new ecosystem online business owners are getting a fresh start and new opportunities, so if you are not a part of the Magento family yet, this might be the best time to become one!

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