Personalization in eCommerce builds strong relationships with online shoppers, it allows meeting customers’ needs more precisely, and as a result their satisfaction and loyalty increase. In offline stores, this unique shopping experience is proved by sales consultants who can discover customer needs and help them to find the goods that suit the best for them. In online stores now this is the area of responsibility of artificial intelligence.

Our partner epoq provides its customers with a unique artificial AI-based software suite for the holistic personalization of digital commerce. They create unique shopping experiences along the entire customer journey with modular, customized AI-based software services. These software services are:

  • Intelligent Search
  • Guided Selling
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Personalized Shopping Area
  • Personalized Email

The web store customers receive guidance, advice and inspiration. After the purchase, shoppers are provided with relevant shopping news in real-time in their personal shopping area and kept up to date with personalized emails.

epoq uses reinforcement learning, an area of artificial intelligence, as well as self-learning algorithms and data science know-how. The services learn from individual click-and-buy behavior and general user behavior. They also communicate with each other thanks to a shared knowledge base, thus sharing the information gathered.

epoq algorithms make predictions about customers’ desires and needs. Scientists constantly incorporate findings from sales psychology into the data so that these predictions undergo a constant improvement process.

epoq’s products are a SaaS-solution so they can be easily integrated via tracking code and code snippet.

We are happy to have such a partner as epoq that can help our clients to empower their personalization strategies.

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