While a part of Eltrino team was enjoying national holidays in Ukraine, another part worked hard in U.A.E. It looks like main idea to fly to Dubai was to enjoy great time on amazing beaches with the crystal clear waters of the Arabian Gulf (btw Kite Beach close to Burj al Arab is our preferred one ;)), but this time it was a mix of business and pleasure. For the most people Dubai is the ultimate destination to relax and be entertained. But we’ve noticed its huge business potential. It doesn’t limited to real estate development. There are overwhelming perspectives for web development, eCommerce development and especially for Magento. Actually, Magento isn’t well known and popular in Middle East yet. But taking into account how dynamically this market is growing, Magento is the most appropriate solution as highly scalable platform. Companies grow so fast, so this scalability becomes vital and business critical.

Seamless Middle East 2017 that took place on the 1st and the 2nd of May 2017 in Dubai World Trade Centre was a great chance to explore this new exciting market, find new partners and clients. So it’s very likely that soon stereotype “Dubai is the great place to spend money” will slightly transform into “Dubai is the great place to earn money”.

For us, as Magento development agency the most interesting was eCommerce pavilion with entrepreneurs and innovators from across the entire eCommerce ecosystem.

Also, there were Seamless payments section and Seamless retail. These areas are growing fast too. So if you have payment or retail related solutions, your innovative ideas can thrive here.

Interesting thing to watch how almost lifeless desert becomes a fertile soil for business seeds.

See you at Meet Magento in Dubai this autumn. Save the date

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