In December 2018 Eltrino launched Eltrino Academy. This education project is our way of contributing to the Magento community. We have almost 12 years of experience with Magento, and we’re glad to share it with talented people. Our first courses called Magento 2 Boot Camp. It was 60 hours long (42 hours Magento 2 Backend + 18 hours Magento 2 Frontend) and dozen hours of homework and communication. This course took place at Eltrino HQ so that all students could dive in our cozy family atmosphere.

Why did we start that course?

As Eltrino we provide Magento development services on the high-level quality. Hense, we need top-notch develops on our board. So it’s not an easy-cheese task. In average it takes 20-30 interviews to hire one developer. Moreover, there are still risks that he or she will meet our expectations. So, it’s more safety to grow talents on our playground, sharing our experience with our inner juniors. However, what if we will create a complete integral education program that will be interesting as for our junior employees as for external attendees? So we did it)

What topics did it cover?

Magento Backend

  • Magento 2 Platform Overview and Architecture (Technology Stack, Code Base, Service Contract Approach, Components)
  • Magento Installation (Git, Composer)
  • Magento 2 Essential Concepts and Components
  • Modules in Magento 2
  • Controllers
  • Layouts
  • Database in Magento 2: Models and Resource Models
  • Magento 2 Widgets
  • Events
  • Payment, shipment, invoicing
  • Shipping Module

Magento Frontend

  • Core Principles for Theming in Magento 2
  • Theme Development
  • Templates Customization
  • i18n
  • Deploy Static Content in Magento 2
  • How to Use LESS in Magento 2
  • JavaScript in Magento 2
  • UI components in Magento 2
  • PWA

What has been happening?

It was 20 lessons. Each lesson consist of lecture and practice parts. All lessons were filmed, and students got a presentation and video of the lesson after each lesson. Some topics were with home tasks. Also, in the end, all students had to complete graduation work, it was Magento 2 module development.

What’s in a result?

Students can work with Magento 2.

We checked all graduation works and chose two the best. These students have 3 options:

  • 2 months of paid internship at Eltrino
  • Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer Exam
  • Payback costs spent on the course

As Eltrino we’ve:

  • empowered our junior employees with well-structured Magento 2 knowledge
  • developed a video course that can be used for onboarding new members in our team
  • increased our network with new talented people
  • paved the way for the next courses

We’ve got very positive feedback from our students as about the course, as about our internal atmosphere which left no one indifferent. We are happy to share our Magento expertise with brilliant developers.

Great people are always welcome in Eltrino family!

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