An overwhelming number of eCommerce experts were detected in Utrecht in recent days. Webwinkel Vakdagen took place there. And the reason is obvious. The eCommerce market is expected to grow to $4,5 trillion in revenue in 2021 globally. So 13.643 attendees gathered there to find the answer on how to improve their business and take the cake. Thus there is one rule in eCommerce - eat or be eaten. So companies should continuously improve their business processes and react immediately to market changes to meet customer expectations faster than their competitors.

But what do consumers actually want in today’s eCommerce market?

As Webwinkel Vakdagen is local eCommerce for the Dutch market, so let’s discover Dutch consumer preferences. Based on the report of Magento, an Adobe Company - How Retailers Can Win Over Dutch Shoppers.

Dutch consumers are more prudent than their international peers.

They make fewer unplanned purchases (10% vs 15% internationally) and spend less time searching for the best price (20% vs 32% globally).

20% have completed a transaction in less than two minutes, implying they know what they want and buy it.

Don’t bother Dutch customers with irrelevant information as 35% saying they would unsubscribe from a mailing list if the retailer sent wrong or irrelevant communications.

So trendy personalization all around the world isn’t so valuable in the Netherlands.

Just 7% of Dutch online shoppers valued personalization.

As a merchant, you’d better improve your delivery, providing it for free and with minimum packaging.

64% of customers choose web stores with free delivery, and 36% choosing minimum packaging as an essential differentiative factor.

Appealing to consumers’ green preferences also can help deliver a new customer.

For Dutch consumers, easy to use of the web store is more important than its aesthetic (31% vs 25% internationally).

So it’s better to invest in a store’s performance with quick load time (34% of customers named that as important). Easy navigation, combined with quick load times and accurate stock levels are crucial to pleasing the customer. That’s probably one of the reasons why Magento is so popular in the Netherlands.

Dutch shoppers still value a human touch. Just 7% prefer purchasing from a fully automated company.

In summary, when expanding your business globally, always keep in mind that not all global trends are suitable for specific markets. Explore your audience’s needs and expectations.

For Eltrino, the Webwinkel Vakdagen was a great chance to hear Dutch merchants and discover their problems and needs.

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