It was really crazy night. From dusk to dawn, all night long. In the Friday evening Eltrino team has gathered together and chosen from the list of ideas 4 the most interesting ones:

  • Attachments through Cloud Apps
  • Instant Notifications in Backend
  • Knowledge base + FAQ 4 front + auto reply
  • Package for CentOS.

All projects are related to our helpdesk software product - DiamanteDesk .

Eltrino team was planning, creating, developing and coding. And when the sun had risen up we realized what a great work has been done. It’s true that an internal hackathon is an excellent way to cultivate ideas and develop additional functionality for your platform or product.

As a result we’ve got the following:

The first team was working on the Attachments through Cloud Apps. So now you can easily save any attached file to your ticket in DiamanteDesk in Dropbox.

The second team has released Instant Notifications in Backend. So now you can see notifications about all updates about changes relevant to you done by other support agents in the backend in real time, so you don’t even to check your e-mail while you’re logged in.

The third team (Knowledge base + FAQ 4 front + auto reply) made possible option of quick converting ticket into article for the DiamanteDesk Knowledge base. And when you’ll post new ticket the system will automatically search similar articles in the knowledge base and show you results. So you can easily choose solution for your ticket from similar resolved issues.

The fourth team (Package for CentOS) released unique packager for DiamanteDesk that packs new version of software and just in 3 minutes you can install this package onto your server. If it’s the first installation of DiamanteDesk the archive will create new database. In case you need to update existent one it will install newer version and save all your data.

After voting the winner was announced. And … the winner of the first Eltrino Hackathon… happy owners of New Year paid vacation are… the third team - Dmytro Vasylenko and Volodymyr Polishchuk.

Thus all projects were cool too and all other attendees will get an extra day-off. It seems that Eltrino team will spend these holidays together ;)

Thank you all for great work! It was legendary event and fun to do it all together. Hacking will become our new awesome tradition.

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