Eltrino’s CEO Sergey Lysak at Meet Magento Germany 2015 revealed a secret - How to make benefits with multi-channel customer support. He told about magic recipes for eCommerce.

Nowadays all successful businesses are customer oriented. But if it isn’t it has to be either ruthless monopolist or criminal.

Customer’s loyalty is the main value. It costs money. But ignoring customer troubles costs much more.

Satisfied clients can tell 6-7 people how happy they are. But unsatisfied ones 3 times likely to tell their friends about their negative experience, they make it public through numerous social channels as a result business will get bad reputation and negative reviews. After that 80% of people that could become your customers simply won’t buy.

It’s better to prevent this issue providing effective customer support. That’s why eCommerce businesses in need of reliable system that will help to organize requests from all sources in a single place, automatize assigning and other processes inside organization and analyze results.

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