This October is full of Meet Magento events and one is better than another. Guys, you raise the bar higher and higher. It seems that we have to invite Madonna to Meet Magento Ukraine in March 2016.

MM15PL included:

  • 3 stages (Open Space/ Creative Room/ Devs Room)
  • 3 types of involving (Experts presentations/ Workshops/ Hackathon)
  • 3 types of usage (study and creating/ networking/ entertainment).

We all know that Meet Magento combines business and technology in one place. It brings knowledge about trends on the market, eCommerce and capabilities of Magento platform development. Also, we know that Meet Magento event is excellent for new business connections, it’s easy to meet your future business partner or client here. Or to get consultation from the expert that can help you to solve your issues. But there is another really exciting thing - entertainment. It’s not just helpful conference for your business. It’s place to find new friends and to be amused.

At MM15PL we had a lot of fun. It was planned to jump with a parachute, but the weather made another decision, it was too dangerous to jump, so we hope that the next we’ll be lucky to become sky divers. And organisers decided to do a safer way, but feel free fly - aero tunnel. Magento community is the community that flies together!

Magento knows how to amaze, I mean adorable performance of Magento 2 from ice during the after party. Thank you, Meet Magento Polska organizers, it was unforgettable.

And I almost forgot, CEO of Eltrino - Sergey Lysak has a talk about dealing with unhappy customers as a source of eСommerce wisdom.

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