Magento community has gathered together again in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. More than 450 participants, eCommerce experts from all around the world came for two days to discuss new trends in eCommerce, in business and in development areas.

At the first day speakers on business and development tracks presented their topics to the owners of online stores and marketing people and developers. Sergey Lysak, co-founder and CEO of Eltrino and DiamanteDesk , Kuba Zwolinski, CEO at Snowdog Sp. z o.o., Eliza Rogalski, co-founder of Public Relations Rogalski Damaskin, one of the leading PR agencies in Romania, Bas Nawjin, head of EMEA for Magento Inc., Stefano Lena, VP and Marketing Manager of ContactLab, Rodica Mihalache of Starcom Romania and Bogdan Colceriu Marketing Consultant with over 10 years of experience have taken the forefront of the Business Track.

The second day was devoted to workshops, with a marketing and business tracks, and two programming tracks.

How to start online Business for Small and Big Business. How to transform transactional emails into sales opportunities. How to make benefits with multi-channel customer support. How to create effective eCommerce Website Redesign Strategy. How Magento can be implemented in the Internet of Things. And other useful “how to” that can help to make your web store more successful were shared. At the development track the most popular were topics related to Magento 2.

Meet Magento Romania was organised by MindMagnet team. Guys, we want to say “thank you”, you’ve done great work - pre-party, two days of conference and the biggest geek party in Transylvania. You’ve taken care about every attendee. It was awesome! See you next year!

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