It’s pleasure for us to present you our new extensions. One of which is called Enhanced Online Customers Pro.

This module enhances the online customers dashboard under “Customers > Online Customers” in Magento. The enhanced screen from Eltrino provides additional metrics which make this screen extremely useful for administrators and provides deep insight into customer behavior in real time. The extension enhances the online customers grid providing additional filters and information at the customer level. And also with this feature you can add an auto-refresh option with intervals of 10, 20 and 30 seconds.  

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The second extension is - Print Order Confirmation as Guest.

This module will be useful for guest users. Magento allows print orders just logged in users. Guests are not allowed to print orders due to the simple nature of the print order URL out of the box. For example:   This URL could be easily modified to view other users order information by changing the value after “/order_id/”. To prevent its occurring Magento allows just logged in users to see the print order button and checks for user to order correlation. This module creates a secure URL for each guest order and prevents cross order lookup. Example URL from the module:  The printable order page is managed in exactly the same manner as the out-of-box printable order page for logged in users. 

Download from our store

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