November 28, the second Pioneers Kyiv festival took place in the “brain and heart” of the Ukrainian capital - the Column Hall of the Kyiv City State Administration.

One of the startup burning issues, specifically “The risks that should be reduced by startups to gain investor support” was discussed by:

  1. Dmytro Podolev, a co-founder and a partner of iHUB, a networking center supporting innovation and business activities.
  2. Ruslan Savchyshyn, the head and founder of MagneticOne.
  3. Denis Beregovyi, an attorney specializing in IT industry and media justice and representing the Juscutum company.
  4. Roman Zinchenko, a coordinator of the ukrainian network of energy innovations Greencubator.

8 best startups were selected for the presentation:

  • Cardiomo family presented a small device measuring the whole range of different biometrics, analyzing all the data related to cardiac function, lungs, body temperature and including the set of standard sensors: accelerometer and gyroscope for daily activities, pedometer and body position sensor. Such analytics allow discovering the risks of heart attack or other potential diseases.

  • Comix, a messenger designed to share your real emotions! This app reads user’s face expression via the phone front camera and automatically sends virtualization to the person he/she is texting.

  • Mymobstr, a video streaming platform that offers location-based video streaming service with requests.

  • Navizor, a navigation system that helps building the best root with road surface quality consideration. Let’s face it - this is a super helpful thing, considering certain road realia of our country :) Here is how tricky the Ukravtodor (State Agency of Automobile Roads of Ukraine) encourages the technology development!

  • Petiole is an agrarian project, a program helping to take care of plants condition built as a mobile app. It monitors the dynamics of plant growth in vegetation phase using leaf area measurement. It is like a smart tracker for plant growth. Petiole helps to understand how a plant reacts on different factors (weather, growth promoters, etc.) and brings new knowledge about plant growth in numbers.

  • Preply is a platform for finding private tutors.

  • is a product management system, helping to create relevant, helpful, in-app messages to navigate around the product website and improve the overall user experience with no need for additional programming. It based on behavior on the site.

  • UniExo - robot-based external skeleton designed for the people with disabilities or for quick and effective physical therapy.

There were some other projects that almost made it to the Pioneers Kyiv pitch stage, so we would also like to mention them in this article:

Woodrover is, as you have probably guessed, a wooden rover produced in Ukraine. Hopefully, these amazing eco bicycles will ride along our streets really soon! But in order to make it a reality the investments are required not just for this project but for the bike road infrastructure development.

DocTravel is a platform for finding hospitals abroad.

Hi Kitty is a mobile app with a cute virtual kitty - the new generation of virtual toy that you can play in Mobile, follow in Augmented Reality, it can jump into TV extending your screen capability and you can interact with your friends and community.

A winner of the Pioneers Kyiv was chosen by:

  1. Dmytro Podolev, a co-founder and a partner of iHUB, a networking center supporting innovation and business activities.
  2. Viktor Kompaniets, the head of Digital Future investment department, DigitalFuture Investment Company.
  3. Mychailo Ryabokon, a chief managing director of Noosphere Global.
  4. Ruslan Savchyshin, the head and founder of MagneticOne.
  5. Regina Makhotina, a chief operating officer of UAngel.
  6. Kateryna Degtyar, a business analyst in WannaBiz.

As a result, (Roman Zadyrako, CEO) was ranked as the best startup of the second Pioneers Kyiv festival and has gotten the ticket to the Pioneers Festival in Vienna. This tool is already used by some of its customers to hold the attention of their website visitors. Have you ever left certain websites because you could not quickly find the information you needed? Well, this is why was designed! It is aimed at analyzing user behavior and providing helpful tips that help turning a regular visitor into a customer. And the best thing about it is that the web resource owner does not need to change code, redesign his website or hire a large team for customer support. According to the data received during 2014, 2.6 billion $ was spent for the customer support service only. However, 42% of clients do not contact customer support as they simply can’t find what they are looking for so they have to keep looking for the exact same thing on the resources of your competitors.

The second place of Pioneers Kyiv Runner-Up was taken by the Mymobstr team and they got 2 certificates for any course of the IT Education Academy (ITEA).

The third place was taken by the Comix startup and they got their prize - two tickets Mystery Play.

Each member of three winning teams got 5 GB of Superfast Internet traffic provided by the Kyivstar.

The winner of the last Pioneers Kyiv festival was the ARANED project presented by Andriy Maranov, the student of Bogomolets National Medical University. This project provides a comprehensive approach to the process of a human skeleton study, using the technology of augmented reality, which when implemented will definitely improve the level of training in medical schools.

Pioneers Festival annually gathers the best startup projects and investors who are eager to contribute to the development of future technologies and breakthrough ideas.

With more than 1,600 startups from more than 90 countries and more than 400 investors Pioneers is a community of people who think, believe and do the same things: entrepreneurs, executives, investors, international mass media representatives, but the amount of people who can make it to the festival is strictly limited to 2,500 participants, so getting there is not an easy thing.

This year one of the grand prize winner was the Dronamics project. Dronamics is a drone that will be able to carry 350 kg of payload over a distance of 2,500 km without a human on board. In fact, current freight traffic is ineffective as most of freight carriers take off half empty. But now it may be possible to get your delivery from the foreign store quicker than to make payment for it.

Global Pioneers includes over 30 community events around the world (Tokyo, Paris, Budapest, Turin, Amsterdam, Singapore, etc. This year, Kyiv has been also added to this list.). Global Pioneers unites local business centers into a single global community. Pioneers Kyiv is now a part of this startup ecosystem.

Pioneers Kyiv is aimed at finding new innovative projects and helping them find investors. The festival winner gets a ticket to the next Pioneers Festival in Vienna. The event takes place twice a year. Those wishing to participate in the contest should submit an application via the registration form on the Pioneers Kyiv website.

We thank all the Pioneers Kyiv participants for your efforts to make life in general easier.

We would also like to thank Eltrino team, iHUB and Kyiv City State Administration for event organization, UkrStream TV for online broadcasting and Bogdan Iantiev for the perfect event moderation.
Network partners of Pioneers Kyiv: Kyivstar, UAngel, WannaBiz, Noosphere Global, Digital Future, InVenture, UStartup Network, Znaj, IT Education Academy, UkrStream TV, Ukraine Digital News.

See you at the third Pioneers Kyiv festival in 2016!

P.S.: More photo from Pioneers Kyiv #2 please find here.

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