Symfony Camp UA 2015 The 24th of October 2015 at Hotel Kozackiy took place the second annual Symfony Conference - Symfony CAMP UA.

Symfony CAMP UA Conference is dedicated to web applications development using PHP Symfony Framework. As of today it’s the biggest Symfony event in CIS countries. Last year it gathered together more than 200 attendees. The aim of this event is to bring together all developers who are already using new version of PHP framework Symfony 2 or just going there for networking, establishing new connections, sharing experience, expanding their knowledge, etc.

Eltrino team has visited Symfony CAMP UA and here is our short review of presentations:

1) The Story of moving to Symfony: mistakes and successes. It was the story about two people who were moving from 1C Bitrix to Symfony. It seems that 1C Bitrix isn’t perfect ;)

2) Inner Symfony’s daemons - how to create daemons using Symfony components. Nothing about Symfony in reality, but about daemons on PHP.

3) Taking E-commerce Syliusly These guys developing eCommerce stores on Symfony. Also they’re developing own modern software for eCommerce - Sylius. It’s built on the shoulders of open source giants and uses the full-stack Symfony2 framework. But unfortunately it wasn’t released yet, hope next year we’ll see this product with clean architecture and great flexibility.

4) Building Real-Time Apps with Symfony2 A lot about Ajax, Web Sockets, PubSub and other interesting stuff. We’ve made a project on Web Sockets at Eltrino Hackathon so this talk was quite useful and interesting.

5) Next-gen package development with Puli Puli is a new toolkit built on top of Composer that allows to create Plug ‘n Play packages compatible with any framework. Puli provides a framework-agnostic naming convention for accessing resources in your project and your installed Composer packages. Resources, in Puli, are all files that are not PHP, such as XML, YAML, CSS, JavaScript, images and so on. Now Puli is available in beta version, but very soon the stable version will be launched.

6) Developing Business Application with Oro Platform It was about how perspective and affordable is developing business apps with Oro Platform. Our DiamanteDesk (free open source help-desk software) was highlighted as one of products based on Oro Platform.

In general, the conference was informative and useful.

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