As you may know, Eltrino landed on the Dutch ground about three months ago. We’ve been working for a while with clients from the Netherlands, but as Elrino B.V. - a Dutch company, we are making our first steps. To dive deeper into the Dutch eCommerce world, we decided to attend the E-Commerce Live event that took part on the 26th of June at Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. Amazing venue, a hundred years old former building of the Stock Exchange in the historic center of Amsterdam. It feels that each red brick remembers thousands of business deals, historical decisions from the last century to our days. Currently, this great hotspot works as a conference center, hosting numerous events, fairs, exhibitions and prestigious conferences as E-Commerce Live. Qualitative event with over 100 informative sessions, discussions, workshops, demos and roundtables every hour. It’s a great chance to exchange experience, best practices and gain new useful contacts. The vast concentration of eCommerce professionals and decision-makers per square meter.

Eventually, the Netherlands is on the 3rd place in the world by the number of web stores on Magento, and it’s even higher than in Germany. And for us, as Magento focused web development agency, it’s a quite valuable argument. Furthermore, Forbes has ranked the Netherlands at third place in its top ten list of countries for global business in 2018. Thus our experience with multi-store, multi-warehouse, multi-language, multi-currency are in need here.

So we had several sessions about multi-everything and painless integration with ERP systems (how to choose ERP software that directly meets your eCommerce needs and integrate it properly with your web platform). And our CEO, Sergey Lysak gave an in-depth talk “How to handle multi-everything: multi-store, multi-warehouse, multi-language, multi-currency on Magento”, sharing share some useful cases based on our experience of developing multi-stores on Magento.

Obviously, running multiple online and offline stores in different countries and with numerous warehouses is a challenge itself. But there are a lot of solutions that allow merchants to streamline communication, optimize inventory across all locations, stores and warehouses. All is required is to apply an appropriate bundle of solutions.

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