We live and breathe Magento. Whatever we’re doing and whenever we’re doing it, we’re probably thinking about Magento. But to be honest, this is not because we are work-crazed screen dwellers. It’s our passion–and that’s what makes us different. Our team is a passionate group of mostly bearded people who love what they do when they go to work. We don’t focus on bureaucratic hang ups, we’re entrepreneurial-minded people who love to cut through the nonsense to get things done.

The B2B ratings and review agency, Clutch, compiles revealing client testimony, exacting quantitative data, and representative case studies to gain market insights on thousands of companies across the world. The Washington, D.C. based firm makes transactions more efficient and transparent through the power of information.

We’re excited to announce that Clutch ranked us a top Ecommerce developer in Ukraine! As much as we would like to take all the credit, we know that the dogged cooperation and candid testimony of our clients were instrumental to our success.

Kevin Schappell, Director of Technology at The Eastwood Company, praised the deep knowledge and steadfast commitment of Eltrino.

“They’re very knowledgeable about Magento and they have a large back-bench to pull talent from when it’s needed. From hard-core coding to design tasks, they have the needed staff.”

The COO of an Ecommerce site loved the responsiveness and value opportunity at Eltrino.

“The direct contact we have with their technical people has been great. If we implement something that’s quite dangerous after testing it, we need to be able to follow up through the night, which is something we have loved. They react quickly and we can call them anytime. They offer excellent value for the price.”

What’s more, Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest, also recognized our prowess! The online magazine creates definitive lists of the top companies throughout the world in various industries. [insert The Manifest link]

Founded in 2011, our team focuses on team cohesion and love of work. And it has payed off! Our customers love the work we complete, and our content has won awards and admiration. Now with additional Clutch and The Manifest reviews and rankings, we can only further refine our process and better understand our customers.

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