Most agencies claim to have it all, but don’t. Here at Eltrino, we just claim to be great developers. Specifically, we live and dream Magento Development. That being said, there are many Magento development companies out there, so what makes us so special? The answer is - our team environment and energy. We have an amazing team that works hard together and knows how to have fun. We recently did both by running a half marathon as a team! Just to make sure that our clients are satisfied with the work we do for them, we joined Clutch to collect reviews for us on their platform.

Clutch is a ratings and review website for web development companies and other business service firms. Clutch ranks companies based off of the client reviews they collect. The reviews are gathered by a phone call and have so much information about the project that was done for the client. So far, we’ve got two reviews on our Clutch profile as we only have recently joined their platform. That being said, these two were great case-study style reviews and we are so excited to have them on Clutch. Our first reviewer, the COO for a large eCommerce website in The Netherlands said this about our work for his company,

“They react quickly and we can call them anytime.”

He also really appreciated his ability to contact our developers directly. He went on to say,

“The direct contact we have with their technical people has been great.”

Another reviewer, the director of technology at an online auto parts store really appreciated our deep knowledge of Magento. They said in the review,

“They’re very knowledgeable about Magento and they have a large back-bench to pull talent from…”

Want to see the website he’s talking about? You can check it out! here

As said before, we’re relatively new to Clutch’s platform, but we plan to get more of these quality reviews through their website in the near future. Even with only two reviews on Clutch we already rank on the 2nd of 24 pages for their directory of top Magento Development companies.

If you’re interested in having Eltrino build you an awesome Magento website, we encourage you to go on our website to read our other blog articles and check out the work we’ve done for our satisfied clients. Of course, also check out our Clutch profile to read our case study reviews.

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